IKEA motion sensor

Hi there.
How do I link an IKEA motion sensor to the HE?
Is it better to link it up via HUE bridge?



Just bought one of these yesterday, got home and couldn't get it to show up in Hubitat :frowning:

Is there a reason these can't be paired?
I searched online a bit and it seems they use ZLL, which other devices supported by Hubitat use.
There is a Zigbee library for RPi that can pair with them (deCONZ - supported devices)

Funnily enough, just found this from a few hours ago... seems ST has added support for it - means it could be possible in Hubitat?

Wondering if I should dive in to learning about Zigbee to try and write a driver myself.
But don't want to waste my time if it's not possible due to a technical/hardware reason...?

These only work with local link They will not be supported and there’s no way to make them work. If you do a search on the forum you’ll find that question has been asked quite a lot.


I did do a search - that's why I've posted on an existing topic :slight_smile:
My question is why isn't it possible - all the posts I see have people saying "no it doesn't work", but not why.

There doesn't appear to be an issue with the motion sensor hardware, since other systems have it linked (as I referenced above), so is there a Hubitat specific reason why it cannot be linked?

I looked briefly at that link. It appears they are using MQTT as a bridge. Not directly to the SmartThings hub. Why you would want to go to that kind of effort for those big ugly motion sensors is beyond my understanding. There are many compatible sensors that are much better and nicer looking.

@mike.maxwell whom writes the drivers for Hubitat has already tried. It isn’t going to be possible. The IKEA motion sensors can only pair to a bulb. They cannot pair to a Zigbee controller. Even IKEA cannot pair them directly to their gateway. They have to be paired to one on their bulbs.

I have not tried the motion sensor.

Really? Could have sworn you wrote that you had and it was a no go. Maybe I’m confusing it with the remote.

OK. Fair enough. If you can work your magic, I suppose there is some interest. I still think they hideous though :wink:

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Another reason it's not on my list...
I'm not a fan of Ikeas wireless devices to date...
Sure, they are cheap, and this is reflected in their firmware.


Well, turns out the large furniture item I bought from Ikea was unsuitable, & it has to go back. So I'll take the motion sensor back too (wasn't going to head back there on a one hour round trip just to refund the cheap sensor!)

The Ikea stuff is not only cheap, it's accessible; you can walk into a store and buy it off the shelf. There are not many other places to do that in Australia.

Might order a Xiaomi one instead - I actually find them much more "hideous" than the Ikea ones though :wink:


I have the same problem. I still hope that one day manufactures understand that there is more to life then the US :see_no_evil:. Because it's really hard to find HA stuff in other parts of the world. And I agree on the design of the Xiaomi sensors.


Looks more like they just linked to that project's attempt to get it working in case it was of any help to someone on ST, but I saw one poster in that thread mention in several others that it works now and wasn't sure what they meant so I logged into the IDE. There now appears to be a native DTH:

You'll also notice the outlet button on that list, a recent addition to ST that Hubitat confirmed won't work on the HE platform as-is. I wonder if ST added support for group broadcasting or something to make these work. I have an Ikea button I could test but don't have an Ikea motion sensor (and probably wouldn't buy one no matter what the price given how it looks...and the fact that I already have more than I know what to do with). Still seems pretty neat, especially by ST standards. :slight_smile:


Almost got some of these to replace my xiaomis but that's not going to work. Might try get some IKEA outlets to see if that fixes my woes with Xiaomi.

Yeah I saw a story about smartthings and Ikea working together. I'm curious what it took to make that happen.

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Hello, anything new about support Ikea Tradfri motion sensors? I cannot find anything

Nope, no support for the Ikea motion sensor.

Other hubs like Smartthings, Hue, Home Assistant with DeCONZ, etc will though. There is little interest from staff in supporting certain Ikea products.

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Thats so silly :-/
For example this new dimmer on/off switch works extremely well on ST and it feels high quality and looks very nice.

At first I wanted to try to create my custom device handler for this device, but I do not see any events in the HE log. The device is paired but nothing is showing in the log.

Maybe @mike.maxwell can tell me if it is even possible to create custom device handler for this type of devices? Or maybe if they can look into it? I got that there are better alternatives for motion sensors than Ikeas but this button for that price is excellent

Probably, join it and see what happens, I'm tired of buying Ikea products that don't work for one reason or another...
If it joins as Device, or even it joins as something else, switch it over to Device, open live logs and see if it spits anything out when you activate it.

If so, then I'll look, at it.

I have far too many drivers in Q to continue expirementing with Ikea stuff...

Also try generic zigbee motion, hit configure, if that doesn't work try the hue motion, hit configure, if that doesn't work, bin it...

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You know home assistant collaborated with Ikea for their integration. Home assistant said it was very helpful. Have you tried reaching out to them?

Did they do a hub to hub integration?