Ikea dimmer compatability

Hi all
Does anyone know if the Ikea dimmer (tradfri) works with hubitat? I read an older post where it was being worked on and another post that said it connects direct to the bulb and not through a hub. Can anyone confirm this?
And if it doesn't, do you know of any smart looking ones that do (not wall mounted, loose on a table)?

Hi @AlanB

Do you mean this one?

Or this one?

The first can be used, the second can't I'm afraid.

The first one. Good to know. Thanks

Do note that it's not officially supported (see: List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation), and it's kind of a sensitive/finicky device, but it can be made to work more or less as good as it will with a community driver. I wrote one back in the day to demonstrate what it sends, but I assume there's a more polished one people use with this now...

Hmmmm..... One of these would be for my wife's bed lamp (with hue bulb) so it neeeeeeds to be stable. She's already not happy with me making the house 'smart' and I don't want to give her any ammunition to hold against me. Maybe I'll just stick to a smart button for on/off rather than trying to offer her dimming that doesn't always work.
But I suppose for £8 I could just try and replace if need be.

The On/Off driver I find to be quite stable. But I'd do some testing first. I have 5 of them around the house. The dimmer one as @bertabcd1234 states, is somewhat finicky, I use it, but only for what I'll use, not the Mrs :wink:

But if you're looking for something supported and stable, this could be an option? You can just leave it on the table.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was hoping to get something that looks more subtle, kinda like the Samsung Button (although that's £25). Something the missus won't moan about when on her bedside table. I might try the Xiaomi buttons and see if they are stable since I'll be using Ikea plugs (so I shouldn't have repeater issues), like below.

Have several of their buttons. But the one I really are the Aqara ones, I havee two here and both have been faultless.

@AlanB if you haven't seen it already, I have a driver for that first dimmer:

Thanks, but I couldn't get hold of one :frowning:

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