[RELEASE] IKEA Tradfri Puck driver

This is a driver for the Tradfri Puck. The device has been discontinued, but people have been finding them for really cheap. Here's a pic. The top is magnetic and just pops right off.

After you join the device to HE and select this driver, run the Configure command.

It has a setting to choose modes: switch vs. dimmer.

The device will act like a switch/dimmer that has no load. You'll want to bind it to a light to use it. Two-way binding is important, so use my Switch Bindings app:

Previous discussions that led to the creation of this driver are in this thread:


Good on you mate. :+1:t3:

Just picked up another 6. I really like the smooth dimming feel. Thanks for your time on this driver


I finally made it to Ikea today and bought a couple of the Tradfri Dimmers.
If i drop one in the mail to you.....any chance you can see if there is any hope of it working with HE? They are a great deal at 7 bucks,....if anyone can get a driver to work. Cheers


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If you sent one, I would definitely try it out. That said, my hopes are low. There were posts on here (I think from @mike.maxwell) that said this dimmer was using a communication pathway that Hubitat does not support.


i'll pop one in the mail today......its worth the 7 bucks investment even if no success.
you mind sending me your address again please.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: This IKEA Tradfri Puck driver can now be installed from Hubitat Package Manager. This is the best way to make sure you keep up-to-date with bug fixes and new features.

Morning @jwetzel1492
The last time i thought about the tradfri dimmers i believe we kicked off a discussion about the square dimmer ability to integrate into Hubitat. Just seen a post on the facebook Hubitat page and the same question was asked.
I believe you mentioned potentially looking into it. Did you ever have a look?
Personally, the few i have in my drawer and honestly have switched to Picos but if they are useful i can at least offer them to someone
oh.....and used package manager...and updated everything that it detected! Awesome.


I just published a driver update. (And it's on Hubitat Package Manager.)

Now, if the switch is off, and you do a "fade up", it turns on and starts fading up. Previously you had to turn it on, then fade up. This change makes it more like other smart dimmers.

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