Ikea Blinds

Ok thanks.

The Battery Packs are now in stock, but much of the blinds have been pulled from display on Ikea's website. You can still navigate to two of the sizes.

Hopefully the batteries being in stock now, at $15 each, means the blinds inventory will show up soon!

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The 30” wide versions finally shows 3 in stock at my local store in MN. Unfortunately I don’t see the 48” version listed at all anymore and that’s the size I need.

$150 for 30" wide?!? I thought they said these were going to be reasonably priced. That if quite a bit higher than I expected.

Here is explanation:

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Thank you Ryan780 for Driver for this. It works like a charm!! no errors. I just need to update the status(Open or Close) manually by hitting the refresh button on device page and by setting up rule for refresh for blinds status.


really? Let me see about that....one moment.

Can you post logs from after you made the change?

oh, no, I did not make any changes to your Driver, I was saying that in order to see status update on dashboard for the blinds, I have to set up a rule for refresh command.

Perhaps compared to Lutron shades . . .

Oh...you mean cheaper compared to Lutron Shades? Well, I don't know about Lutron shades. But when I compare to Bali, the Ikea are only $20 cheaper for the same size motorized bali shades. That isn't a whole lot cheaper to me.

Basic fabric Lutron Serena minimum price is like 250 if i recall

Going to Lutron website and did a "Design your shade" looks like it's going to cost me around $640 for a battery-motorized, black-out roller shade in the color gray, basic design.
Our windows inner dimensions are 36" wide by 60" long, looking to mount on the outside of window frame so went with dimensions of 38" by 62".


I've got blinds working with Hubitat using driver ported from ST. Blinds work well. The only problem that if blinds are paired with Hubitat then included remote will not work. There is a driver for a remote in ST, but I could not port it to Hubutat... Hopefully someone smarter then me will make it work.

But with the Ikea blinds, you'd have to use two of the 30" ones for $150 each and then you'll have a gap in the middle of them. So, i guess it all comes down to aesthetics and what you're willing to accept.

Can you provide a link for it? Remotes are very tricky because Hubitat doesn't handle Button Presses the same way ST does.

Yeah...this creates Child Button devices so I'm not even going to try and work through that one. Sorry. Maybe someone more knowledgeable will take a look. The new volume control for Ikea was bust since it sent duplicate messages. Not sure if this one is the same.

I tested driver in ST. Child devices are not necessary at all. Main device sends button pressed event for two buttons. Not even sure what are child devices for...

I recall a conversation somewhere about the remote for these not working. Pretty much all of the IKEA remotes seems to only support touch-link, so you can almost be assured it's not going to work. But there are lots of other remotes that are compatible with HE that should work just fine. One of the nicer ones is the Lutron Pico.

It it only supported touchlink there wouldn't be a ST driver.