Ikea Blinds

I bought 3 pairs of tredansen Blinds from Ikea last week. Installed them, put them into pairing mode and immediately picked up by the hubitat (no repeater required) and i've been super happy with them for past 3 days. Worked flawlessly and while they are a bit noisy, and no customization option for sizing for $159 i've been very pleased. They worked this morning, however i noticed none of them closed at the scheduled time this evening. Going into my dashboard i see them, and they are reporting the correct position status as well as right battery life. Also when manually opening/close them the dashboard actively reports the current position so i Know they are communicating. However they are not responding to open/close commands. The only thing i can think of that potentially affected them was killing power to the router/hubitat for roughly 1 minute this afternoon. Any ideas?

You could try firmware updates. I am doing these to mine as I type
[GUIDE] IKEA Firmware Updates - :bellhop_bell: Get Help / Devices - Hubitat