IKEA blinds

I have 12 IKEA blinds. One stopped responding. Using the a4refillpad driver, which has been great for a long time.

For the last few weeks one blind does not respond to HE. Sometimes the battery is reported as 0 even though it has been swapped with a known good battery from a working blind.
After swapping the battery, I start Zigbee discovery, and press both buttons on the blind. The LED starts pulsing, and after about 30 seconds the blind is recognized by HE as an existing blind. After clicking on ‘configure’ and ‘refresh’ the blind still does not respond to commands from HE.
Sometimes the battery reports 100%.

Switched to the ryan780 driver with the same results.

This blind is about 8 feet from the HE hub, and about 4 feet from a Zigbee repeater.

I removed the blind from HE and paired it again but the blind still does not respond to commands .

Took the blind down and paired it about a foot from the HE hub. Still not responding.

Looking at the events, I see nothing about opening or closing commands. Only ‘last check in’

Maybe these screen captures can shed some light on this

Here is a current screen grab showing just the checkInterval

I even switched the driver to ‘device’ and cleared the states.

Any ideas what to do before I head to IKEA and navigate their maze?

What firmware are you running? I had issues with my iblinds running or higher on my C8. I had to go back to and they are running fine again.

The blind is running 2.2.009 firmware as are all the others.

Since only one blind has an issue, how could the firmware cause this? I’m just asking because nothing changed. Is there a way to update without the IKEA hub?

Your hub firmware not the blind.

After sleeping on it, this sounds like a repeater issue. Even though each room has a USB Zigbee repeater, I added an IKEA repeater in one room with a non-responsive blind. After the Zigbee network establishes itself, if I’m lucky the blind will come alive.

Ah. You might have something with the hub firmware. This all started after the hub update but I didn’t even consider that.

Now 5 blinds are not responding. I rolled back to with no difference.

This is a C-7 hub.

Could I have too many Zigbee repeaters?

Talking to myself. More blinds are coming back online since the firmware was rolled back. Once they are all working I will update the firmware to the latest version and see if the fault returns.

Here is my Zigbee graph

Try the community [Zigbee] Visual render for getChildAndRouteInfo app - will it show a better readable map, showing only the last route used by any device ?

Has anyone noticed any issues with the latest firmware on C-5 (or c-8)?
I had some inactivity weirdness on a few of them recently but it’s usually battery-related.