Ihome plug control via IFTTT from Hubitat

I'm struggling finding some guidance on how to control my iHome Smart plugs from my Hubitat interface. I've seen some forum postings where people claim that it is possible - but I have yet to find any specific instructions on how to do it! So far every direction I've looked has only lead to control of my Hubitat devices from IFTTTT - but not the other way around. So in short I'd like to use the Rule Machine to create a rule that would trigger my iHome smart plug to turn on or off VIA some other cloud service - most likely IFTTT or Google Home or Amazon ...

Any ideas how to do that?


To control a WiFi switch using Hubitat’s IFTTT integration, start by creating a virtual switch in hubitat. Authorize IFTTT to use that device, and then create two IFTTT applets with your hubitat virtual switch as the “this” and your iHome plug as the “that.” One applet for turning on, and the second applet for turning off.

Then anytime you turn your virtual switch on or off, the corresponding IFTTT applet will run and the iHome plug will follow suit.

FYI, if you toggle the iHome plug through its native app, it’ll get out of sync with the virtual switch.

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You can also do the same thing using an Alexa routine. That way you also have voice control.

I did end up figuring out how to control an iHome light using IFTTT and hubitat - I think... I forgot that I had to actually create a rule in IFTTT. So I think it should work for me... we'll see.

I have the same problem, a dozen iHome ISP6X that I'd like to keep. I have been creating Alexa routines to turn the ISP6X on/off based on motion or contact sensors that are connected to HE. That part has worked out well. Now I have one last automation to do for the ISP6X, but it involves temperature. I have several motion sensors connected to HE that also read temp, but I don't know if those temp sensors can be discovered by Alexa. Is it just motion and open/close for now? Does anyone have an idea? Thank you.

I don't think they can. However, you can create a virtual contact sensor on Hubitat and setup a RM rule to flip its state from Close to Open (or vice-versa) when particular temperatures are reached.

Then within the Alexa app, use the state of this virtual contact sensor to control your iSP6X devices.

Thank you for that suggestion, I’ll give it a try.

It will be interesting to see how multi-sensor devices are implemented in Alexa.

I’ve found that I can play around with different skills to get different capabilities from the same cloud-connected device into Alexa. For example, ecobee sensors ... the ecobee skill exposes it as a temperature sensor, while the Hubitat skill exposes the same device as a motion sensor.