Iharyadi, environmental sensor w/DS18B20 child device

I have one of Iharyadi's environmental sensors with a serial device (DS18B20) as a child device collecting temperature readings. Both devices show up fine on hub that its paired to but I have Hubconnect and want to have the child device seen on the Primary hub. the child device doesn't show up as selectable in the devices to share (in the hub connect app) on the child hub and it doesn't show up on the primary hub as a part of the parent hub. Any ideas what I can do? or where should I even be posing the question? Thanks,

Please post this in one of his threads where he actively monitors it and close this post.
A good rule of thumb is to search out the creator (in this case) or the app that you're having troubles with. There is generally an open thread that they monitor for issues and questions. Or PM him a message. TIA

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