IFTTT now offers paid plans

3 free applets and then IFTTT Pro...

"Feel free to share your thoughts. Will you pay for a better IFTTT?"

Me: ....um....No.



I don't use it however, assuming it is totally free, someone needs to pay for their servers, internet connection, power bills, etc so I don't think a subscription is out of line.


Is this the nail in the ifttt coffin? It isn’t anywhere near good enough to pay for and is a niche product at best.


Here a SaaS, there a Saas, everyone has SaaS!! (I joke, but our SaaS offerings are what kept the lights on during Covid-19 peak)

No I would not pay for it, and will delete the couple I do have.

They already charge developers at least $200/year to offer an integration on their platform, likely even more for larger businesses who want whatever features the higher tier provides. Seems like now they're offering tiers to end users as well. :slight_smile: (Not complaining; there is a free tier and someone does indeed need to pay for it somehow, and it's not like we have to watch ads before our applets run. But add this to the list of reasons why I prefer local systems whenever possible.)


Ahhh okay didn't know that. I guess then it depends on how many of those there are and their total costs etc.

Guess this is the end of the Hubitat Ring integration :frowning:

I would not pay. In fact since moving to Hubitat from Wink, I haven't needed IFTTT or the dearly departed Stringify.

Someone needs to tell Stacey in the blog post to dump that awful Wink hub and get a hub that is capable of doing (most) everything local.


I was just about to tie in the alert stuff tonight, too. :woman_facepalming:t2:

Nope never liked cloud services because they are unreliable. Not gonna pay for it, just buy products that are local, problem fixed, or run your own servers on cheap rpi with solar panels even free electricity.

I've never tried it. Just sounds like another set of hoops to jump through.


Only 3 before having to pay!?! And it's a tenner a month

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Sounds like they're double dipping.

There was also quite a few brands that started dropping IFTTT support when they reworked their pricing model for businesses a few months ago... and it seems like several of those brands are back. I'm wondering if they eased up on the pricing changes with those strategic brands.

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IFTTT was necessary and very useful in the times when local hub integration was sparse. Now it’s speed causes concern. I know the paid version touts faster. $4 tier maybe if it offers something I need that I can’t do locally. Above that definite no.

I need to see how the new IFTTT handles multiple triggers and logic now.

I really miss Stringify (no love here ComCast) and Conrad Connect has gone paid too and is quite expensive.

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You can pay as 1.99 for first year then it is 9.99/m.

There is also zapier that gives 100 tasks/month. They start is 19.99.

I think IFTTT looked at their price and made is 9.99.

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I don't think it's ever been reliable for me. so def NO!..

and come on.. no way am I paying a few bucks so one or two automations can work.. $5 a year MAX


Also, I am going to do everything I can do to stick with HE as I want to make sure that everything that happens is somewhat local.

If I need stuff to run on my phone from say a notification, i think i am going to 100% use tasker. its more of a pain, but it runs ON my phone, and I can even have a phone/tablet that just stays in the house that will run it.

edit: this guy is kinda mehh in his explination, but it shows that things like IFTTT and stringify are just not gonna cut it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl9J9LEXo6M


FWIW, they are claiming that with the Pro version, applets run in under 3 seconds. It used to take as much as a minute.

I used IFTTT to connect my Wyze camera motion detector feature to Hubitat. To me it's worth $23.88 a year to speed that feature up.

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