IFTTT add ability to blink lights

Request is in the title, I want to blink lights if my ring doorbell is pressed. And after they blink the lights go back to whatever state they were in.

IFTTT is really just an intermediary to link two cloud-connected services.

Hubitat is able to do what you’re asking with built-in apps like rule machine, groups and scenes, etc.

You would need to create a virtual switch and then make an IFTTT applet that ties the ring doorbell button press to turning on that virtual switch in Hubitat.

Then the virtual switch becomes the trigger for an automation in Hubitat that will accomplish what you want (ie blinking the lights and then restoring to their previous states).

I think it’s unlikely they would create a new “THAT” action in IFTTT to accomplish this specific task when it’s already possible to do the same thing with currently available features.

Make an IFTTT applet where Ring is the trigger, and webhooks is the action. Point the webhooks URL to a RM endpoint. Use the RM action to blink your lights. No virtual switches needed.



Also, you asked to flash lights. You can do this if your lights support flash. If they are connected directly, look in the driver details. If flash is supported, you'll see a "Flash" button and then you can create a rule to flash them. If not there or you are connecting through the Hue Integration, then you'll need to simulate the capability with another rule.

Here's an example. One thing I found was that with a Hue Integration, for some reason stop actions didn't work when the trigger was Rule truth, so activating a switch for the trigger was the answer.

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This is the answer I was looking for. Thanks!

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Take a look at this. Just loaded and have it working with a couple of Sengled RGBW bulbs.