Holiday - Christmas 2018 Automations

With the Holiday/Christmas season now upon us... Let's see the decorations / automations!

I'll start with this video of my house:

Christmas Lights 2018 - Dracut, MA

Only Hubitat automation involved is two Outdoor Z-Wave Modules to turn the whole thing on and off. The rest is up to the Light-O-Rama system. :wink: Everything is synced to 4 different songs.


Wow, that’s not the full display this year? :open_mouth:

Nope, had to leave another 5 big items and a bunch of little fill in pieces in the shed this year.

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I see the days of work in there. Impressive!

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Crazy stuff. I'll be doing mine tomorrow while the missus is out shopping.
We'll see how much the kids let me get done.

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Anyone have a simple way of rotating a colored bulb between red and green smoothly? Preferably with the ability to turn it on/off.

Which colored bulb? Hue bridge can do that super easy.

Unfortunately no. I have 5 Aeon Gen 5 Bulbs out front and a Sylvania garden spot set.

Well, I don't know for the Z-Wave Aeon Gen 5 Bulbs, and haven't a clue if it can be done with Rule Machine. @bravenel might have a way.

There was a ST app called Garden Hue, which despite the name was intended for OSRAM, so that would probably work with your Sylvania Garden Spots if you ported it over to HE.

Looks great ...

Quickly just looked at that...seems like a bit of work beyond my level to even get it to work on HE.

I was thinking of a multiple rule solution using two rules and private booleans switching back and forth while a switch is on. Right now I've just got a nice alternating red/green pattern between the 6 of them.

Luckily the Phillips Hue I have paired directly to the hub (not recommended) has this fading built into the firmware.
My landscaping LEDs not so much.
It would be nice if there was a fade option in Rule Machine.
Changing the Bulb and the Landscape Lights every 5 seconds really bogged down the hub... surprisingly...

I took a quick look too. I'll put it on my Github in a minute, it's all ported over but not tested it yet.

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Every 10 minutes is plenty fast for me. Just something to fade back and forth between colors on the holidays.

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Garden Hue can be found in the Ported directory... Take it for a test spin and let me know what needs changed/fixing. I'll take deeper look at it in a bit.

Edit: I might just add some of this to my Lighting Effects app :wink:

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Lights on with app...but only appears to be sticking with the first color chosen.

Loaded and working with 2 Sengled RGBW bulbs. On first load it was not working. One of my bulbs had a color setting in its DH. When I whacked that color things began to work.

You mean you deleted the color information in the Device Page for the bulb?


Well, after taking a good look at Garden Hue, there wasn't much difference between my Lighting Effects app and this one. So I went ahead and just modified my app to except much greater time differences between color changing. You can select the time difference between 5 minutes and 180 minutes (3 hours!). Please see the new section, Slow Color Changing within the app. The app can be found here: