Ideas for powering wall-mounted tablet

I have a 7" Fire tablet with a mounting bracket, trying to figure out how to power the thing without cords showing. My original idea was to mount a recessed outlet behind the tablet by tying into the light switches below, but I'm having a hard time finding a recessed outlet deep enough to fit a USB adapter inside.

I've also seen wall outlets with built-in USB slots...this would work, except I can't find one that comes recessed.

Here's what I'm working with...tablet is currently held up with double-stick tape until I figure out a permanent solution.

How are the rest of you powering your wall-mounted tablets?

Here's the recessed outlet I bought...typical USB wall charger doesn't come close:

I have a low profile 90 degree charger that would probably work, except it's too long...even if I were to cut a hole for the USB cable/plug to go in, it would interfere with the mounting screw:

Did you try an apple phone charger with L shape cable?

What about this box with a usb outlet:

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I bought a recessed Frame and socket seperately (mentioned in the post above)....


How about getting a reassessed box that you can put your own outlet in. Then throw in a outlet with USB ports and plug the tablet into that.

I was going to do this when ready. Had the parts all bookmarked and just haven’t got to it yet.

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I have a severe shortage of Apple parts...we're an Android family :rofl:

Ahhh that recessed DIY outlet looks like the ticket, thanks guys! And thanks for the link @chuck.schwer :slight_smile:

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How about one of these recessed/angled outlets?

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That has potential... I think the single gang linked above, mouted horizontally, will work out ok. Ordered one a little while ago, should be here Saturday.

Get a wireless pad instead. No charging cable sticking out.

You still have to plug in the wireless charging stand/transmitter. So, why add something else to the mix? This is adding complexity without solving the real problem. It's not like a wireless charging pad just gets power from the air without something else that's plugged in.


If you were referring to the 90 degree plug that comes with the pad, I got one of those with the frame. This will plug directly into the USB outlet referenced above.

Well it would actually help with aesthetics. I planned to set up a mount using rare earth magnets so the tablet could be removed from the wall with a clean look. The problem was that the wireless chargers did not provide enough power to charge the tablets.

Did you have any trouble getting one facing the right direction? A few years ago I bought 90 degree turn to the side for a mount I had in my car. Had a hell of a time trying to figure out which was the right one to get. And to make it even more complicated, Samsung is opposite HTC! So glad everything is going to USB-C. It appears that Fire is the same as Samsung though, which makes it easier I would imagine.

If you were able to put the wireless stand/transmitter actually INSIDE the wall, but dry-wall is too thick for Qi wireless chargers. The max thickness is like 1/4 or 1/3 of an inch. Then you have to account for the fact that you'll have to tear your wall apart to get the thing out when the technology changes.

The wall mount I bought was specifically for the 5th gen 7" Fire Tablet, and it came with the adapter, so I didn't have to search for anything...guy I bought it from did the legwork ahead of time. Win!


Edit: some of the items were no longer available. Added screenshot for one of them. And the faceplate is a 4 gang. It only show a 1 gang in the pic below for some reason.

Here was what I bought

The blank faceplate would cover the wireless coil and magnets. The tablet case would cover the other magnets and the wireless pad that was connected to the tablet. When the tablet was removed, all that would be left would be the blank faceplate...that could be painted the same color as the wall if needed. Seemed like a great idea but never got past getting the tablet to charge even when the coil and the pad were in direct contact.

That cable and this USB power adapter below. You don't need much room behind.

Why? Are you really going to be pulling the tablet down off the wall that often to use as a tablet? And if you do, you're going to have this wireless charging pad hanging off of it. It seems to me if you're going to pull it down it would just be easier to unplug rather than deal with the charging pad.

Yes the time I was building this, I definitely would have. It was a couple years ago when my daughter was very young and we also used the tablet with Tinycam to monitor as she slept. Mounted on the wall would be too far from the couch to properly see and hear her.

The only thing you would see after removing the tablet is the blank faceplate. Everything would be behind it. I even had plans to shave down the thickness if necessary but it's already so thin that I dont think that it would affect the wireless charging at all.

But you have a faceplate in the middle of the wall. So, what did you do with the wireless charging pad hanging off the back of the tablet? Or did you also buy a wireless charging case? It just seems rather excessive to me, that's all. But maybe your use-case is different. Just seems like a big expense and a lot of extra work. You could have probably just bought another tablet after all that time and money.