I want to talk to someone. How?

Dear Someone at Hubitat,

I have a C-7 that I cannot make work with a switch and four receptacle modules from Eaton. I have tried to install Basic Rules but cannot find it in the add app portion of hub control page. I have tried to call your office but the audio message says that it is an unmonitored line. I have tried to email support@hubitat.com only to receive and email saying that it is an unmonitored email. Tutorial videos do not show me the same thing I am seeing on the website to set up the devices. If there is a person at work today at Hubitat please call me at 479-301-5831 and help me make your device work.

IIRC Basic Rules should come already installed under the Apps tab

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my app page was complete blank. I am just random guessing at what to do. Do you work for Hubitat? If so call me on the number above and please walk me through this.

Phone support isn’t offered, and as you’ve already noticed, their support email response suggests posting questions and problems here in the online community.

There is a way to get your issues sorted out, I’m sure, but you’ll have to be willing to work through the channels provided.


Don't work for them, but on the Apps page click the Add Built-In App, and then select it in the list presented.


Channel one was to call. It is an unmonitored line.
Channel two was to email. It is an unmonitored email.
Channel three is tutorials that don't match what I see on the website.
Channel four is this forum. I need an employee of Hubitat to call me and help me make this system work. Not for myself, but for my client.
What other channels could I try?

Basic Rules does not appear in my list.

I think we also need to understand whether you have been able successfully include these Eaton z-wave devices ... they need to be included from the devices tab before they can be used by basic rules or other apps.

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Hmmm... what version of the FW are you running? (Settings|Hub Details)

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There are showing in the dashboard. So as far as I know they are included.

Hub Details

Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version

Hardware Version

Rev C-7

Yeah that's a good start, especially if they can be successfully controlled from the dashboard.

Please go to settings>>check for updates and download latest version

After that go to settings>>z-wave details and click update z-wave firmware

All support is done here by tagging support_team with an @ symbol. You will have been notified of that if you emailed support@hubitat.com


That may be your issue. Current version is 2.3.4.x 2.3.5.x (2.2.5.x came out in Jan '21, Basic Rules came out in Mar '21)

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It's working to install version at the moment.

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2.3.5.x :slight_smile:

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Make sure you do the z-wave firmware update after


Yeah, yeah, fat fingers.... LOL



So that update changed the web interface. Now zWave firmware is updating.