I suck at understanding zwave info. Help?

Been having issues with zwave. Fan controller not responding, siren randomly not responding (although I think that might be the device itself), and also issues getting new contact sensor to link.

I really have no idea what I'm looking at in the zwave page.

Everything that I have shows up with a label. No idea what the other stuff is. How do I fix it?

0x0A and 0x10 may be ghost nodes - at a minimum they haven’t fully included. Could try pressing the Discover button and putting the device into inclusion mode to see if they complete successfully, but I’m guessing you may need to remove them and re-include.

Edit: Include 0x23, 0x24 and 0x26 in the above list - was viewing from my phone earlier and didn’t scroll down…


I am no Z-wave expert but I can tell your Z-wave network is in bad shape. You seem to have ghost nodes that needs to be removed.
Have a look here https://community.hubitat.com/t/z-wave-ghost-removal-using-a-uzb-stick-how-to/73914

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From what I can tell, all of the listings that don't have a label need to go away. I have no idea how to do that.

Often when you try to include a device and it fails, but then you include the device again and it succeeds, the first zwave entry sticks around as a ghost. To remove the ghost you must disconnect power from the device that created it in the first place. That can be a little tricky if you have had the ghost for a while and you don't happen to remember the sequence. Sometimes the physical device appears adjacent to the ghost device, but not always. Once you have the physical device powered off, clicking "refresh" or "repair" repeatedly will usually cause a "remove" button to appear. Clicking the remove button should remove the ghost. However, the removal will fail if the physical device is still present and powered on.

If that doesn't work you can use the method @amithalp references but it requires a zwave dongle and some special software. The dongle is inexpensive and the software is free, but if the first method works you can save yourself a bit of hassle.

At some point, especially if you only have a couple of zwave devices, it might be easier to just reset the radio and get rid of them all - a clean slate. Then you can exclude each device (you can exclude a device even if it is not paired to the hub) and re-include it.

As a general best practice when I am including zwave devices - the minute I get a failure to include I stop and do an exclude from the devices tab, then do whatever I need to on the device to put it into exclude mode. Usually HE will report that it has excluded an unknown device. Then you can safely re-include it without creating a ghost.


Agreed, your mesh is a mess. If you know what devices failed on first pairing, you should shut them all down and start removing those ghosts. You're mesh will be stronger and things will be faster. Any time you have a failed z-wave pairing, it's best to stop what you're doing and check your z-wave settings for ghosts. Remove ghost, exclude device, include device. Rinse and repeat.

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I think I have things identified as far as what the ghost devices are.

The issue now is getting them removed. I only show one thing having that option at the moment and when I click remove the device is still there. I have removed the batteries (powered down) the device in question.

As far as the other ones, I do I remove the false duplicates once I power them down and I don't have a remove button?

power down the items first. If you don't then you won't get the remove button because the device will still be pingable


Ok that makes sense except the one device that does show a remove button doesn't do anything when I click it. It just reloads the page with the device still in the list.

shutdown your hub from the settings menu. Unplug power to it (at the wall, not the hub itself) Wait 5 mins, power back up and try again (obviously make sure the device is powered off)

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You may also have to try repeatedly.


And most importantly….. take it easy, we’ve all been there😩


Great advice. I blame Zwave for at least 15% of my grey hair.


I still have these ghost devices! So frustrating! I'm fairly certain that they are from when I was messing with a very problematic contact sensor. The sensor is sitting on the table with batteries out and has been for several days. I have also shutdown and then power cut the hub. Nothing seems to be working but it's really messing with my mesh.

What hub version are you on? There were some improvements in 2.2.9 that may help. Or perhaps it's time for the USB stick approach...?

I'm on on a C7.

Ok so much for my bright idea. ZWave stick time?

Well I'm FINALLY down to just one.

Am I to understand that given some time, things will "heal"?

I'm not sure a ghost will heal without intervention. The rest of the mesh will, but the ghost may continue to be an issue.

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Hitting remove on that last ghost isn't do anything at all? It may be time for the stick.. The other option since you don't have a whole lot of z-wave stuff is to nuke the z-wave radio (only) and start over. Having that ghost in there is going to cause your mesh problems. The rule of thumb is, if you have a failed pairing, stop, check for ghosts, remove ghosts, reset device, have a beer and try again.