I pulled the trigger.... Wish me luck

So.... Five day ago I begin my quest to automate several functions in my house to make both my own and my wheelchair bound daughter's life easier. Over the last 5 days I have purchased a Yale lock, several Cree Connected bulbs, a Wyse camera, a Zooz Zen21 switch, three Echo Dots, three Smartthings Multipurpose Sensors, and a Smartthings hub. I already had an EcoBee thermostat and a two Sonos speakers. I was able to get everything set up and working. Them I started playing with the automation options. First, having to use two separate Mobile apps because both have features the other doesn't have was annoying. Second I learned that many of the more complex automations I want to create will require me to install WebCoRE. And finally, it is completely dependent on the cloud. Well my level of annoyance was reached and I begun my hunt for another option. I settled on Hubitat which I ordered today. I realize I will experience a learning curve with both ups and down but the community seems active and willing to help. I look forward to my little journey.


Good luck and you are in the right place! There is a learning curve, as you have noticed, but it’s not insurmountable. There will be times that cause you joy, and times that cause you frustration. I’ve had waaaaay more joy than frustration with Hubitat so far.

My only last advice would be to start slow. Pair one bulb. Build a single dashboard for that bulb. Build a rule that turns on that bulb at a specific time, and off at another time. Once you have that done you’ll be 90% of the way through the hardest part of the learning curve and adding the rest of your items/automating everything will become much easier.

Hi @MBartho - welcome to Hubitat. The Wyze camera will integrate with Hubitat via IFTTT. The Cree connected bulbs can be problematic and disrupt the zigbee mesh. If you are within the return window, consider sending them back and replacing them with Sengled zigbee bulbs.

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Thanks for the advice and thoughts. Honestly I only have about $5 into each of the cree bulbs. I'll give them a shot. If they don't work out I'll pick up the bulbs you suggested.

The problem with that method is you'll not really know it was the Cree. They will work fin, it's everything else that goes wrong.

Yank them put them in a box for later, much later. When you have a well running system, then drag 'm out and watch your mesh fall apart. It will NOT fall apart on the first day, it's much worse than that.. it will be 3-5 days later and some critical device will be misbehaving and introducing the Cree will be forgotten.

Or not :smiley:


I see. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I no longer have the boxes so returning them is not an option. However, as you suggested I will discard them and pick up some different bulbs. Thanks again.

The Crees destabilize zigbee networks as you add more devices to the network. So a random zigbee device (or more) will fall off or get unresponsive; not necessarily the Cree bulb itself.

I'd recommend reading this long thread started by @april.brandt

They are very stable on Hue bridges. Hue has a local integration with Hubitat, and you can pick up a Hue bridge on eBay for $10-15. That way, you'll still be able to use them Hubitat, and they won't affect Hubitat's zigbee network.

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There's a lot of wisdom in this community. Almost everyone came here from somewhere else.. a big majority of them former ST users. That knowledge you have, even 5 days worth, is transferable here. Hubitat is closest to ST than any other competing hub.

A lot of people have tried Cree. Maybe they are superb on Wink or on StaplesConnect or some other dead/dying hub. But we KNOW they are bad here. Begin with anything that's on the compatibilitylist.

Once you get 5 successes locked in place, experiment then. :smiley: