I need Z-wave help!

Quick question... last Monday a transformer blew in our neighborhood and all power went out for about 2 hours. My Hubitat was on a backup battery (along with my Unifi network equipment) and never went offline. When the power came back on I had a few issues. My GoControls garage door opener would not connect to the hub. I rebooted it and and the hub multiple times to no avail. Finally, I excluded it and reenrolled it... this seemed to do the trick. Also, one of my zwave light switches stopped working (even manually). I tested it several different ways and finally decided the switch was bad (which I have now replaced and it's working perfectly). Here's my current issue. About once or twice a day my zwave devices get extremely sluggish. It's so bad that it can literally take 1-2 minutes for a light switch to come on after I give the command. Accessing the hub through the web interface and rebooting seems to resolve the delay. As soon as it boots up, everything works great... for 8-10 hours when I have to do it again. This has been going on for a week and a half. The users group on Facebook gave me some things to try (like running the zwave fix) but nothing has helped. I have to restarted the hub 2-3 times a day because nothing works. I did look at the logs and found some weird debug lines popping up multiple times a day referring to my GoControls garage door opener. There are also some errors with my upstairs thermostat. I will try to attach a picture from the logs. Can you tell me what’s wrong?

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I don't have the devices you mention so I can't address that and you don't say which model hub you have. Those that can help will want to know.

All I can offer is that I'd focus on the garage door opener and thermostat since they are providing clues. I'm sure more knowledgeable folks will chime in soon.

Good luck!

There's also a chance you have a ghost device or apps as well since you removed/added z-wave devices. Past log could be useful to look at. Also look on your z-wave detail page and account for all the devices with no extra.

Could you post these?

I keep trying to post screen shots but I just get an error that says, "sorry you can't put images in a post." Any idea what I am doing wrong? I can certainly email them.

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It still will not allow me to post images of my log. Any ideas?

You probably haven't done one of the following to get to level 1. (see link)


Having lots of issues this morning...

What are device 72, 23, and 71 and 22?

Is this a C7 or C5? If this is C7, post pictures of your Zwave Details page.

Looks like this is a C5.

72 - Upstairs Honeywell T6 Pro Thermostat.
23 - Seems to be the Zwave device number for the upstairs thermostat.
71 - Downstairs Honeywell T6 Pro Thermostat.
22 - I'm not sure... can't find it now. It might have ben the garage door. It was throwing so many errors today that I finally force removed the GoControls controller. That was at 11am this morning. Interestingly, my log is not showing any errors since then (but that was only an hour ago... it may just be a matter of time).

I know I only have a C5 but I've included the Zwave details as well. Thanks for taking a look at this for me!

A lot of non plus devices there. Try running a repair.

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Actually, 22 is the Zwave ID of the downstairs thermostat...

I've actually run the repair a couple of times this week to no avail. How do you know which ones are plus devices?

http://hubitat.local/hub/enableStats (Run this to start stat collection and let it collect for about 5 minutes)
http://hubitat.local/hub/stats (Run this after the 5 minutes has elapsed to view the stats)
http://hubitat.local/hub/disableStats (Run this to stop stat collection)

Post a screenshot of the results.

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They have Ox5E in the clusters.

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Yep. That is a lot of old devices, and won't be optimal on Hubitat.

That will be a problem for some devices. Things like light switches might not show their status correctly, or update status instantly.

You could poll these non-plus devices, but too much polling will slow the hub.

The sluggishness is usually caused by mesh saturation or radio que full. Event logging/database size/low memory can also cause it. The non-plus devices definately aren't helping either. Any devices routed through them will be limited to the lower non plus speeds. Non-plus devices also don't report their state so it seems out of sync when you look at them on the dashboard. Polling helps this but adds to the mesh saturation.

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