I need a product to control 3 minisplit aircons (IR)

Hi all,

I am looking to control 3 minisplit aircons for a short term rental house. The main idea is to have a motion sensor that will turn the thing off during the day in case people forget to torn them off.

So far I have thought of two things:

-Or get a multi relay for $32.

First option is ideal, but expensive. The second one would work, but super unintuitive and will have to add work arounds for it to come back quick. Also, the a/cs remember their last state, so they will turn themselves back on when pawer is back,

Is there any other product out there I can use to get this done?

BroadLink RM Pro does it for a lot less. Sorry for a shameless plug, but I happen to have one:

how is it connected to Hubitat?

Broadlink RM pro would require internet at all times, right?

This model works locally with Hubitat. There is integration here somewhere. It isn't being updated, but works.

unfortunately it seems like the code was also pulled by the author :S I was reading the thread and it seems like the author disappeared and deleted the code.

I, as well as many others, have the necessary code and are not precluded from using it. I have it running right now.

I see. Thanks for the tip. It seems like Amazon Mexico does have the RM MINI3 in stock. It may actually work!

I don't think it would make sense for you to ship it down there.

Of course not. I'm not sure if Amaxon Mexico has these. They have the RM4 which is not the best choice, according to that thread. Check Mercadolibre. https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-737340568-controlador-remoto-broadlink-rm-pro-wifi-ir-rf-_JM#position=16&type=item&tracking_id=5e94956a-7a2f-464e-a7f0-497c7d9a68f7

Where in Mexico are you?

I just followed the link to Google drive and downloaded Hubitat-Broadlink_v0.50.zip which seems to contain the driver and app. It looks complete.

I keep getting the following error:

" 404. That’s an error.

The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know."

They have the mini 3


That should work, right?

The house is in Manzanillo. I'll be flying there to set it all up in a few days.

Oh, everybody has Mini3. It's an IR only device and I never tried it. I wanted a device that can do RF and IR, future-proof it. But it may do what you want. My house is in Playa del Carmen and the construction is not very friendly to radio waves, with a concrete brick and steel reinforcement mesh everywhere. I have a SmartThings box there and use Remotec ZXT-120 right now. I Will switch to something else the next time I go back.

Yeah, I am hoping that adding for z-wave plus devices and a some powerline adapters with wifi I can fully connect all the stuff I have planned. Maybe I'll have to get a z-wave repeater too

I have a WiFi mesh in my place. That helps A LOT! I also use 2 Z-wave repeaters.

I've got a Remotec ZXT-600 running my Daikin Split System atm - it's ok but the implementation could use some improvement. The HE Driver doesn't show the correct supported Modes for either Fan or Cool/heat types. The community driver allows you to override supported modes which is nice but is missing a bunch of supported fan modes for me*.

I've also got a Sensibo Sky v2 which worked ok with a community driver but requires a cloud service. if this had direct control over LAN support it would be my favorite as it just does what you tell it to and doesnt try to be overly clever about it.

*Apparently not detecting supported Thermostat modes is a HE issue.

EDIT: updated my comments on the Remotec as I got my wires crossed.

Google download

Click on the download icon in the top right.


Does anyone know of any zigbee products that serve a similar function as the broadlink or remotec products? I have a similar setup as the OP with a 3 zone mini split.

I see. I panic bought 3 ZXT-120US from someone who was willing to ship them for $140. Hopefully I can get them working well. All I really need is for them to turn off the A/C when no motion is detected.

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