I miss Rule machine 3.0

I am trying to make this rule in 4.0.... I can't seem to find day of week as a trigger , or is that what I need?

Only difference being I will be controlling a thermostat instead of a switch.

There’s a trigger “days of week schedule” in RM4.

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yes but you have to attach a time to it where you never had to before.

the day of week exists in conditions but not triggers

Wouldn’t 12:00am on Saturday be equivalent to “day is Saturday?”

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I suppose so, ill give it a try. Just seems odd that it is in conditions but not triggers

even so, i am having trouble recreating that rule in 4.0 with a single rule.

I just checked RM 3. There is no Day of Week trigger in it either. There is for condition but not for trigger.

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yes but the way the rules were written it worked, maybe I am just slow..

So you want your rule to run every day between 11:02PM and 6:58AM and on all the time on Saturday or Sunday? Monday-Friday not be on????

Tell us what you are trying to accomplish.

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Yes thats correct, the picture above shows that running in rule 3.0 . just want to create the same logic on 4.0 but its stumping me

Would this not work?

It would trigger at 11:02 and 6:58 and at midnight on Saturday or Sunday. If any are true turn on, if false, turn off.

After defining the triggers, you need to create a couple of conditions before you start writing the rule.

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ok so this is what im missing, how do you get the actions statement to show like that!?

When you click the Select Actions to Run button, there is a Manage or Create Conditions button. You can define them in there. Sometimes the conditions are populated and sometimes they are not, all depends on the trigger and capability.

You need to create the between two times condition and the Day In condition in the Manage or Create Conditions button. After doing so, it will show in the conditional Actions.

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I dont seem to have the between two times condition?

It under the Time of Day condition. Then a toggle for Between two times.

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Thanks for the help, I had no idea how to get 4.0 to the point of showing me the condition statement like that. Still takes much longer than 3.0 but gets the job done and im sure its more powerful in the long run

It takes a little bit to master it, but once you use it, you will find (at least I do) a more powerful system.

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if you think about it its not, a day of the week is not a trigger, at what time in the day does it trigger constantly every second? No a day of the week is a condition a time point is a trigger.

trigger at 12:00AM

action IF (day is saturday or sunday) THEN



That makes sense. But in the working rule 3.0 rule in the snapshot above there is no 12am trigger but a condition that the day is Saturday and or Sunday. What is triggering that rule to run to make sure it's Saturday or Sunday?