I miss Rule machine 3.0

I don't miss it at all. It was a confusing mess compared with v4. I created the clone copy thinking I'd need or prefer it. Haven't used it once.


To each their own I guess. I will get used to 4.0 and will be fine.

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I did the exact same thing :slight_smile:

Nothing it runs every day at 12am but if it's not saturday or sunday the false bit runs (note you don't have to have the false bit, just like in 3.0 you didn't have to fill it in). This is exactly how 3.0 did it but you just didn't "see" it.

one thing that 3.0 had that 4.0 does not is restrictions. 4.0 still has this and it works the exact same way but its under a different name.

EX in RM 3.0 restriction of only run if switch is OFF.

in 4.0 you would put on the 1st line IF(switch is ON) Exit rule.
notice no THEN thats because its a "simple condition" not a IF THEN.

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@bravenel wrote a nice summary of how Rule 4.0 works differently than Rule 3.0 last Summer when Rule 4.0 was released. If you didn't see that, take a look and it will probably help.


Have you considered using the Simple Automation app for this rule instead? That is a very simple automation that can easily be accomplished and likely run much faster in Simple Automation, formerly known as Simple Lighting.

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I had a look but I didn't see the thermostat option , I'll look again.

I think it's only for simple switches/lights

Ah sorry you are correct, I missed that detail in your OP screenshot. What about the thermostat scheduler app?

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Tried that too but it only allows changes of temp based on time periods, no support for off mode. Bruce said he may add it in the future

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