I’m looking for a z-wave plus switch for pool pump

Do any of you guys know or recommend a z wave plus plug for my pool pump? I think it’s a 1.0hp pump.

I use the following for lighting, will this work?

GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Outdoor Smart Plug

You mention "Outdoor Smart Plug" - so I'm assuming it's not a protected environment. I have an older version of that GE out by my pool equipment for about a year, with no problem.

If there is a box though, maybe:

I haven't used it, but I've hovered over "Buy Now" many times :slight_smile:

I have one of these, works well.

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That's prob the cheapest option. Most smart plugs max out at 1/2HP.

These are expensive. So I have to use this option?

A friend of mine has this one. My only issue is it has no manual on/off which I use when working on the pool. Phone/tablet and pool don’t mix in my world!

Most pumps are 220v so a normal switch would be bad.

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My pump trips an internal GFCI when it loses power. You may have already checked, just a friendly reminder.

Sounds like i have to look at this.

I have a timer on my pool now. I’m thinking it’s wrong to begin with. It’s only a 3/4 hp timer....

Time to inspect my pump to look at the details of what I have.

If it is in fact a 3/4hp pump, would a normal smart switch work?

Yeah, you need to look at the faceplate on the motor to see what the voltage is. You can also check the breaker box and see if your pool breaker is a double wide.

I also have this on my pool pump. Works great and great outdoor protection. It can be wired multiple ways if needed as well.

It’s just connected to a 15 amp breaker, 14 guage wire.

The problem is that a pump will have an inrush of current when it turns on, this is why most smart plugs are limited to 1/2 HP. Don't go by the wattage only, usually it will state the max HP.

Yeah, you need to meet or exceed all of the pump ratings. Hp, voltage, max current, etc.

So I wonder what kind of damage I may of cause or causing using a timer that’s rated for 3/4 when the pump is 1hp???

The damage would probably be to the switch, not the motor.

Yeah, I doubt the pump would have any issues.

I think I have seen a 3/4HP rated smart plug but I do not remember which one it was. I have a hot tub that is 110V that I wanted to monitor energy use, so I searched everywhere but could not find anything that was 1HP and outdoor rated under $150. It didn't make sense for me to spend that much because I only need energy monitoring.

One thing you can do it just get a waterproof box and put a magnetic contactor in the box that has a 110-120V coil. That gives you an absolute isolation from the pump and it's a relatively inexpensive solution. Especially if you get one surplus. I paid only $10 for one similar to the one in the link above.

I do something like this for a 1HP dust collector motor, just not with smart switch. I'm instead closing a 12v DC circuit when a blast gate opens, which engages a 12v DC relay with 120v contacts. When those 120v contact close, that sends power to the magnetic contactor and engages the dust collector motor.

So for the pool motor it's easier. Smart switch sends power to the magnetic contactor, and that closes its contacts to send power to the pool motor. Doesn't matter what voltage or rating the motor is, as long as the magnetic contactor can handle it, and has a 110-120v coil.

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You got some pictures or drawings I can look at?

What do you want to see?