I Like This Hub

This hub gives me a sense of stability and ease of use that I did not have with the other two hubs I evaluated. I've successfully included two test devices the other two hubs had trouble with. The signal passes through a stucco wall between the hub and my target room with ease.

I have a Lutron hub coming, which I will integrate. Gotta have that Caseta Pico switch. I'll use receptacle modules for the under-cabinet lighting. A Sengled Bulb for the range hood.

After the kitchen is done I'll look into the possibility of integrating Blue Iris as a motion detector. If you know how to do that, I'll be happy to hear about it.

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Make sure you get pro version of Lutron hub.

Yup, the Pro is on the way. The HE Lutron Integration blurb was clear.


Welcome to Hubitat!

I’m curious; what two devices did you use for test devices? And which hubs were they incompatible with?

I used the Leviton DZPA1 receptacle, and a Sengled LED bulb.

Both resemble X10 components, which I am retiring. I would have preferred a Z-Wave bulb socket, like the X-10 LM15A, but I didn't see any I was comfortable with.

The Leviton is quick and easy to include. All three hubs found it, but due to other issues, two did not retain it. Only the HE made the bulb look easy. I have not yet determined that the HE will hold its devices after it is left unplugged overnight. Maybe there is a way to backup the hub. I'll look.

I read more than one hub review that said the HE was complex and difficult to learn. I'm not seeing that. I think there are two types of users; the "reads and follows instructions" type (me) an the "push every button and see what happens" type. The second type may find HE to be complex.

Oh yeah... the hubs I put aside were, the HomeSeer Plus and the Aeotec.


Please be careful...addiction issues are common w/HE users, related to both playing with devices/integrations/apps on the hub and time spent browsing/responding in the forum. :wink:


Thank you for satisfying my curiosity!

Unlike X-10 devices, this is not a good idea for zwave and zigbee mesh networks. For zigbee mesh networks, it will put devices into "panic" mode. If they are battery powered, it will lead to significant battery depletion. And I have seen some zigbee end-devices spontaneously "factory reset" if they are unable to access their coordinator for an extended period of time.

The effects on z-wave networks are less pronounced. Although z-wave devices also periodically check-in with the z-wave controller.

Best practices for the Hubitat hub are to leave it plugged in all the time. And for the hub to be on a UPS. The latter is highly desirable because the hub's database is susceptible to corruption in an abrupt power failure. Putting it on a UPS permits time for an automation to be run that gracefully shuts down the hub.


Yes, as I read your message, a UPS came to mind. I also see that we have a well-documented backup process. Both are good practice. I should invest in a UPS before installing my target room, since power outages are not uncommon here.


In case you are interested, this is the UPS that I have been using:

TalentCell Mini UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply 27000mAh 98Wh Lithium ion Backup Battery with DC 12V/9V/5V Output for Wireless Router, Modem, LED Light, CCTV Camera, Smartphone and More https://a.co/d/jkkizje

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Right now I'm using a CyberPower 1500VA for my desktop machine and two 27" monitors. It gave me 30 minutes during the last power failure. However I lost my modem and my VOIP phone. I was thinking to just buy another one like the one I have now. Two alike may simplify my use of them. Then I would add the hub to the new UPS.


There are several types of backups, and not all backups are created equal, so you should take a look at your options there. Assuming you have C8 you have the best backup/restore capability (including all your Z-Wave and Zigbee radio data), but you'll need to subscribe to Hubitat's Hub Protect service to get that. Yup, sorry, an add-on, but cheap as chips and well worth it.


Yes, I have a C8. I'll check out Hub Protect today, thanks. At this moment, I have little to protect but, an ounce of protection...


Just remember, sengled bulbs don't repeat. So depending you may or may not have an issue without a zigbee repeater (in that case it's distance).

Take a look at this post to help you avoid some of the gotchas you may face...

If I could I would go 100% Z-Wave. At the first I thought I could. I thought Z-Wave was what was once called an "industry standard." Little did I know. Now, if somebody asks me "What's a hub?," I say it's an interpreter.

A Z-Wave bulb socket would be my choice, but I believe they are all Zigbee. I may use them anyway. Even so, there are certain places where only a bulb will do. Inside my range hood, for example.

Zigbee is different but not better. I will choose Z-Wave when I can.

I believe Inovelli still have some of their Z-Wave bulbs. I have 4 of them and haven’t had any issues since they updated their firmware to allow a connection without security.

Lifx also makes some nice bulbs which will connect to your Wifi network, but the Hub will connect to them directly, so no internet connection required once they are setup.

FYI, there is a firmware update available for the Leviton DZPA1 - may be worth checking out...

Guide to updating Leviton z-wave firmware - :bellhop_bell: Get Help / Devices - Hubitat

Welcome aboard!!

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Thanks. I won't use bulbs unless I have to, though. Average life these days is 10,000 hours. Who knows how much a bulb will cost 5 years from now. For a bulb holder, these QIACHIP Zigbees would work. Wish they were porcelain.

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You may wish to confirm that those are either zigbee 3.0 or ZHA 1.2, so they'll work with Hubitat. There are plenty of proprietary zigbee profiles that only work the manufacturer's "hub".

I hear ya. There are many breeds that have not been tested. I figure I have a good chance with these because the literature says "Alexa," too, and I have added the Alexa app to HE.

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