I have a problem with Xiaomi

The problem with Xiaomi is they're just so good, and so inexpensive, and so small, and such nice industrial design.

I'm hooked on these little guys. And now I know that Trådfri outlets, which are also very inexpensive, work to repeat them and all my devices have been very solid since installing them. I've got a real problem now. I'm not going to have an excuse to stop buying these Xiaomi devices!

Every time I have a picture in my mind of what size one of their devices will be, it arrives and I'm shocked by how much smaller it is than I imagined. Every single time! Here's an Ecobee remote sensor that runs on a 2032 cell and reports temperature and humidity every 30 minutes. Compared with the Xiaomi sensor that uses the same 2032 cell and reports temperature, humidity and barometric pressure every 7 minutes.



Just curious because of your comparison ...... do the Xiaomi temp sensors pair with the Ecobee thermostats so that can they be used instead of the Ecobee remote temp sensors?


No, the Ecobee uses a lower frequency to connect. No pairing required. Just comparing size, battery uses and the frequency of reporting. I thought the Ecobee sensor were small until I saw these.

You could however use HE with these to do your own management. No control over comfort settings yet, but that's been a request from many users, so I wouldn't be surprised to see that come.

In fairness, it's not just temp and humidity for the Ecobee sensors, They are presence detectors as well.

That is what I thought. Thanks for confirming.

Where do you buy yours from? I see them listed on Gearbest at killer prices...shipping seems harsh though.
EDIT...Was looking at the wrong site for shipping. Not too shabby!!

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The only downside I've found with these devices is battery reporting is not very accurate. I've tried playing in the driver settings and I am getting closer but still not quite got it yet.
What I have found out is if they start to continually drop off, then just replace the battery and everything is good again.

I'm with you though. I LOVE EM'. :heart_eyes:

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Yes. Gearbest. Shipping is typically about two bucks for me, That’s fine and I get it in about 10 days versus free shipping or a buck or so on eBay and it takes 30 days

Alright...I gotta try 'em out. Will be nice additions to the mix here. Thanks Guys!

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Just keep them close to the hub if you have no compatible repeaters, or pick up a Trådfri outlet to repeat them.

Be patient with the pairing too. It can be tricky.

How about the Xiaomi door sensors? Have you tried them with success?

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I'm using 3.
One on my curtains (yes they are that small you cannot see it) and on 2 external doors.
never had any issues with them.
EDIT: I'm not using any repeaters. Its a 4 bed house but i have got my hub quite central.

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Sounds good to me.

Yep. Door, motion, leak, and temp/humidity all good. Just stick to the new Aqara. Steer clear of anything described on the forums as “old” type

[Edit] Was just cleaning out some custom code I wasn't using and I realized I forgot to mention one of my favorites. The buttons. Wonderful buttons. Up to 5 presses and 1 hold.

I too, am in love with these things. Got some great deals by sifting through the many vendors on AliExpress, many of which offer a bulk discount and free shipping.

Cautionary note for new Xiaomi users: The adhesive pads on these things are incredible! I suggest using Command strips until you are certain of the sensor’s permanent location.


Do you mean setting which comfort setting your are set to? Yes you can. I am doing it right now with all three hold types. All you have to do is use this driver:

and create the custom commands in Rule Machine. Works like a charm.

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So far I didn't see HE driver support presence/motion for Ecobee sensors, even I used it by Ecobee Suite Manager in ST which needs around 30 minutes to change the status (active/inactive)..

It works. These two sensors "Upstairs" and "Bedroom" are both Ecobee remote sensors. But 30 min (which is native to the sensor to preserve battery life) is far too long to make them useful for that. Xiaomi are so inexpensive. I will use those from now on when I need more motion sensors.

Just got my delivery from gearbest with the Xiaomi contact sensors. Very small...very responsive...VERY COOL! Thanks for turning me on to these. :sunglasses:


@SmartHomePrimer Sorry to piggyback on your thread, but I felt this was an appropriate place to relate an experience I had with the Aqara Temp/Humidity sensors.

Yesterday, glancing at my logs, I noticed the two sensors I use in my showers reporting every 30-45 secs., which is pretty unusual. Digging deeper, I found that the regular 50 minute check-in had become erratic (45 -70 mins). I went ahead and changed the batteries and once the temps stabilized everything went back to normal.

The surprising part, and another reason to love these things, is that they picked right back up where they left off. No re-pairing. No quick press of the button. They just worked!

FYI: Batteries were reporting 2.75 volts before the swap. ~ 9 months on the factory batteries.

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Thanks. Wonder if mine will get the same. Just added a temp/humidity about a month ago. Mine has a router right next to it. Might make a difference? At least the batteries are inexpensive, but I hope they last longer than that on average so I don’t have to generate the battery waste so quickly.

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