Husqvarna AutoMower Integration

Well I have tried more times than I care to with this app.

  1. I can connect with the mobile app no problem.
  2. I can create an app with the Husq website no problem
  3. I can get the developer app key and secret no problem
  4. I can get authorized with HE no problem
  5. I have YET to be able to connect to the mower though....

First, is the HE app named Automower manager and NOT connect? You mention a couple of different names, but the only one I see in HE add user app is Manager.

Second.. I have the 310 (like I stated before) that is the bottom of the barrel and ONLY has bluetooth.
I did try the app on a tablet and no luck there either.
Is my mower compatible with your app?

You might want to ask Husqvarna support if it shows up in the cloud api.

If everything is setup properly as far as api and it does not see it, you may be right it is not there. I don't have one to see myself.

ok I will see what they say...

I know this is a bit of an older thread but wanted to see if anyone else has seen this message come across. Does it look like something didn’t work with my connection in the app? I haven’t tried deleting the connection and adding it back yet but this message has been there the whole time so far.

dev:12982024-02-09 07:28:34.316 PMwarn Socket (v0.0.3.0) | Websocket Failure Message: failure: Expected HTTP 101 response but was '403 Forbidden'

I would make sure the software is up to date.

Have you checked HPM, or did an HPM repair?

I have not tried a repair, this was my initial install/setup, but it was done from HPM. I will give it shot just to cover my bases.

If this is your first install, ensure you followed all the install instructions and setup of you account at Husqvarna. It sounds like you skipped a step or did not complete it correct at Husqvarna.

Ok figured out what was missed. Under the API Authorization it said connected but I didn’t click in to that and get the Allow request page for the Husqvarna site. Looks like the message is gone now. Thanks!

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