Hunter Douglas API

I have the Hunter Douglass API guide , would someone want me to post it someone if anyone wants to make drivers for it ??

I ask them for it today and they emailed it to me


I’ve ported Chris Lang’s SmartThings app/drivers as well as creating a driver for the Hunter Douglas repeater. I have a couple of things to fix and cleanup before I release can release it. It currently only works for shades not vanes.

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Could you post it up? Only api document I've seen from them was a serial interface. If you have an official api document for the powerview hub this would help the dev significantly.

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Right now i am on my phone , where is the best place to post it

I think usually people post it to their github as a good spot. If you don’t have I can host it on mine. I’m interested in reading it as well.

Here it is, enjoy


That is an awesome document. Every implementation I've seen has been hacking at it to figure it out. This explains it all. I'm going to have to find those other threads and cross post this.

Thought you would like that, I am a system engineer by trade not a developer at all

When I was at the store I ask them to call the home automation team and he emailed it to me and told me they have an open API.
They guy said we do not have the resources to build a driver for hubitat, I said don't worry get me the API guide and someone will build it......... LOL

Feel free to share this link as much as you want. Its a download only link


can you do me a favor, if you or anyone else makes a hubitat driver. Will you message me the github so I an share it with some friends and the sales guy was ever so nice. I want to share with him also

Initially I just setup scenes in ifttt and triggered them that way. It worked well.

Then I eventually wrote a driver but never posted it because it was put together based on a hacked API. I also only have the roller shades and the v1 of the hub so could never test the v2 and the tilt functions of the other shades so that made things difficult.

Do you have the v2 hub? What shades do you have?

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I do not have anything yet, I have HD non motorized shades. If i I could find a motor to put in them I would

I am getting a quote next week to put blinds in the entire house. I do not know when I will buy, but preparing for it now

Ahh.. ok. They aren't cheap but I really like mine. And the battery life is great. I get about a year out of it.

The good news is that they can be integrated. The better news is this api document will make integration even better. The alexa integration through Hubitat though may not be the best though if you are looking for that as well due to their current skill. You may be able to trigger scenes but adjusting heights may not work. No big deal though as all mine are automated based on scenes/time of day.

The bad news is, you will have to spend extra on the powerview hub and some repeaters. But its well worth it.

I've finished porting and testing the Hunter Douglas Powerview app and drivers that Chris Lang wrote for SmartThings. The app uses the API as defined in the PowerView-Hub-REST-API-v2.pdf document provided by @sstretchh.

I have a v2 hub so that's all I've been able to test with but based on the API document the app is not using anything that is v2 specific.

One other note, we need to get a list of all the Hunter Douglas blinds/shades and their shadeType values so the shade open() and close() functions can be setup properly in the shade driver (.i.e. bottom-up, top-down-bottom-up, etc). I have Hunter Douglas Duette blinds which are bottom up blinds and their shadeType value is 6.

Finally, the driver doesn't support tilt at this time since I have no way of testing that capability. It can be added if someone has those types of shades.

You can find the app/drivers on my GitHub: GitHub - bujvary/hubitat: My Hubitat apps and drivers

If you are using Hubitat Package Manager you can my package repository as a custom repository:

Let me know if you have any issues.

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I have the HD support guys email if you want it that sent me the API

Sure.I can contact them and see if they can provide the info.

Just PM it to you

Good news, Dave from HD got back to me with the info I requested. It appears there may be changes coming in the near future with regards to the shade capability mapping but either way I can work with what he gave me and get the shade driver modified to support the various shade types.

That is awesome !!!

Did you tell him your making a driver for the community, just curious if he found that interesting

Yes I did tell him I was developing the app/drivers for the Hubitat community but he didn't mention anything about it in his email back to me.

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screw that guy then !! hahahah Just kidding, that is awesome that he gave you back the information you asked for

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