Humidity sensor alert , impossible value

I have had an alert set up for humidity velels in my Pew safe for over a year and it has worked just fine. The alert is to send a message through pushover when humidity exceeded 60%. It is currently at 53% both in the device page, and on a desperate Acurite hygrometer in the safe. Yet it just pushed an alert that the safe humidity is 720896. Any ideas?

Two thoughts come to mind:

  1. Low battery?
  2. One of my humidity sensors (Sonoff, I think) sometimes reports a ridiculous percentage right after the Hubitat hub reboots. Don't know why, but it settles back down immediately.

I just changed the battery last week (and actually it's already ridiculously low. Yes, it is in a safe, but the same device in the same safe with the same brand battery lasted almost 18 months.

I did pick up an update, I believe it was on Thursday night, I'll have to double-check that. I had never seen that before, but then this wouldn't be the first new thing I've seen recently.

Are you using the "...And Stays" switch in your rule to iron out spurious outlier values? (I looked back at your screenshot and see you are just using hsm instead of rule machine.)

I don't believe "and stays" is an option in HSM. But then again 720896 shouldn't even be a possibility. That much humidity I would need gills!!!