Hue white ambiance Bulb State does not change

Hi all,

I'm pretty new to home automation and started a few days ago by connecting all my Hue White Ambiance bulbs to the Hubitat hub.
My plan was to change the color temperature and light level based on the time of day.
So I configured a rule that changes these settings whenever a bulb is turned on. But unfortunately, the event is not triggered because the bulbs are always set to "On" when I look in the hub.
Can someone help me to solve this problem?

It's usually advised to keep your Hue bulbs on the Hue Bridge and link the Bridge to the hub by one of the available integration apps. Did you never have a Hue Bridge?

Can you try turning off each of the bulbs from the Off option in the Hubitat UI. and see it it works from that point onwards. Cos I know that Hue bulbs by default turn to "on" when they are first turned on at the wall and presumably when they are first paired to a hub or bridge.

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i never had a hue bridge bevore and i would prefere to not need it in the future tbh ^^. I tried what you suggested but with the same result. As soon as the turn to on they never turn back to off.
Do you know of any bulbs that just work with the HE?

Lifx is recommended and has just recently had a suite of built-in drivers created Release 2.3.0 Available

What driver are you using for these bulbs? "Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev)" is the recommended built-in driver, so if you're using another, I might switch to that one and see if it changes anything. (The "Advanced..." equivalent might work too, but they don't with everything.) Running the "Configure" command after you change drivers is a good idea, and for Zigbee devices like this it can't hurt to just run it once regardless if you're running into a problem like the one you describe.

That being said, as alluded to above, many Zigbee bulbs are known to be problems if mixed with non-bulb devices on the same network, as you might have with Hubitat. Using a Hue Bridge to keep them on their own network is one way to avoid this problem (a separate Hubitat would also work). There is a native integration that works well, as well as a couple of community options.

Many users report that newer Zigbee bulbs seem to work better (they are often Zigbee 3.0, but this alone is no guarantee of better behavior compared to the Zigbee Light Link profile used by earlier Hue and other bulbs--even if some people parrot this "fact" over and over :slight_smile: ). I still like Hue myself, just with the Bridge, but there are other options, too! I see LIFX mentioned above, which now has a native integration. There are also some Z-Wave options, but I probably wouldn't fill my house with Z-Wave bulbs given how picky Z-Wave networks can be...

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