Hue Scene Automation

New user here, need help in trying to pull this off:

I have a light strip installed on my staircase with 2 HUE motion sensor, one at the top and one bottom of the stairs. I would like the lightstrip to turn on with HUE nightlight scene from DUSK to DAWN, and then IF at night, when there is low light, there is motion at either sensor, set the lightstriped to the dimmed hue Scene for 2mins, then return to the nightlight scene. I'm struggling at having it return to past scene.

Furthermore, if motion is detected from 1am to 6am on a room sensor, turn on lights in bedroom and sound alert via Alexa (kid awake alarm).

Can the wise hive mind help?

Currently, Hue scenes cannot be called from HE. However, there's no reason you can't recreate said scene in HE using the Groups and Scenes built-in app. For a single lightstrip, I would just set the device properties instead of using an actual "scene" unless you are doing things like changing the color and/or color temp on it.

Beyond that, the rest is pretty easy with a couple of rules in Rule Manager. The first rule, light on from dusk to dawn is easy (so I didn't include an example of that). Personally, I would use Simple Lighting for it, but that's just me.

This is the motion lighting rule. I used a triggered rule. There are various ways you could do this, but I went for the straight forward way. When motion is detected and the lux is below 100, then turn the light up to 30%. When motion stops, it dims the light back down to 5% over 2 minutes.

This is the stairwell motion alert/rule (I don't have a stairwell, so I used my kitchen sensors lol). If you want to use Alexa as a notification device, I'd recommend setting up either the EchoSpeaks app ([RELEASE] Echo Speaks) by @tonesto7 or the AlexaTTS app ([Release] Amazon Alexa Text to Speech (TTS) v0.5.4 - Direct Integration (USA, Canada, UK, Italy, & Australia)) by @ogiewon. Both are really well written and perform well.


There's various ways to do this. As @corerootedxb mentioned, there's rule machine, you could do something with the motion lighting app (if the motion sensors are paired and working with HE), you could use Hue Labs on the bridge, or you can use a free app called iConnect Hue. It's similar outcomes, and the fact that automations on Hue Bridge run local, there's really not much difference no matter which you choose. I run a Hue Bridge myself and one Hue motion sensor (because I refuse to buy any more of those). I control it with iConnect Hue, right on the bridge, so Hubitat doesn't interact with the motion sensor, just the lights it controls. I've tried several times to get my Hue motion sensor to work paired directly with Hubitat. It's such a pain to add it back when it doesn't work, that I've decided I'm done trying. If I ever need more control, I'm simply going to stop using that motion sensor and put in one of the new Samsung SmartThings motion sensors.

Hue triggering Alexa to speak is a bit more challenging. There's Echo Speaks as Bill mentions, or there are also various other ways. If you have the Hue motion sensors paired directly with Hubitat and working properly, then it's easier. Otherwise you'll need to trigger based on the actual light turning on and use restrictions.

Here's yet another way to make Alexa speak. In the post, I also point to a few alternate ways as well.