Hue Outdoor PIR motion avail Feb 2019

Makes sense. I'll give the plasti-dip a shot!

Has anyone been able to figure out how to change the sensitivity to these via a rule being triggered from either time of day or current lux (threshold)? I looked into exposing it as an option but couldn't figure it out.

Really sorry to resurface with this but I bought a Hue Outdoor Sensor and paired it but I'm not getting any Lux reported... but it does show movement and temperature. I'm currently running
I've read here about pairing with a custom driver....... so I have factory reset the sensor (hold reset button for 30+ seconds) and rediscovered then applied an older driver found from about Jan... then reconfigured... to no avail - still no Lux
This unit arrived from Amazon today so I would have hoped its a current firmware... If its not and I have to buy a hue hub to update the firmware - what release of the hub do I go for?
Thanks for any support.

Bought a hue hub in the hopes....
Updated the firmware on the sensor.... Lux now working.... just in case anyone is interested.

Mine worked just fine Lux is working and worked right out of the box using the Native Hue Motion Driver.

Does pairing these directly to the hub cause instability issues with zigbee ?

No, I have never had any zigbee issues, these are battery powered devices they don't repeat signals only receive them.

Thanks.... yours must have had the latest firmware installed straight out of the box... mine hadn't so needed an update.... and thus I had to buy a hub just to do it.

Worth noting, I bought 1 direct from Philips/Hue, and 1 from Amazon. The one from Amazon (bought a few weeks after the one from Hue) doesn't read Luminance, but the one direct from Hue does. Seems like I'll have to update the firmware of the Amazon one.

Go figure.


Very nice sensor. I just installed this and tested. With sensitivity set to Medium, it detected me 41 feet away, and the luminance is reading 1810 on a cloudy day. Very nice to have an additional outdoor temperature reference point too.


I'm pretty impressed with mine as well :slight_smile:

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If they would come down on their price I would replace all my motion sensors with these, not only because how good they are but because they also use AA batteries which are cheap and last forever in these.

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I just wanted to report, this sensor keeps on impressing me. Not even a possum goes undetected :joy:

Notice the porch lights turning On @0:01

This is the Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor paired with HE + Zooz Light Switch and a Peanut plug as repeater. I should mention, the suspect was detected by the sensor far away on the left side and almost below to it.

I like how elegant the sensor is as well :slight_smile:

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So, did the Wyze cam see that as a regular motion event or a person? My person detection has been regressing, Lately, box trucks and cats have been registering as persons.

The Wyze person detection seems to always be a hit or miss for me. This was detected as an object.

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