Hue Outdoor PIR motion avail Feb 2019


For folks looking at outdoor PIR options (which are limited))....

I saw that Philips Hue announced an outdoor, battery motion sensor at CES, avail mid Feb 2019. MSRP $50 USD. It may be a good sensor for our hubitat systems. I couldn't find real information on the unit, just the pretty marketing webpage from Hue that didn't say much (range, adjustability, all the important stuff) We'll need to keep an eye out for when they are released in the wild.



They are available here in the UK to pre order and will be dispatched for 13th Feb. I’m toying with the idea of getting one. Amazon UK pictures show the sensor on the Hue app and you can see there’s the normal sensor settings


I had one on pre-order since earlier in the year and it arrived on Monday.

Initial impressions are that it's very well made, looks pretty good and the mounting bracket(s) are very flexible, allowing for surface mounting as well as inner and outer wall corner mounting.

I've not added it to HE yet as I want to install it first outside (when it's not pouring with rain), but based on some posts over on the DECONZ forum ( Hue outdoor motion sensor · Issue #1201 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub ) the fingerprint is the same as the indoor version apart from model number, so I don't expect there to be any issues with it in HE.


I can confirm the sensor can be picked up when doing a device discovery. So far I have only been able to get activity, battery level and temperature from the device - no lux level (I have had it connected to HE for 5 minutes so far):

However as you can see, temperature isn’t really correct lol. The device log shows °C as the temp type but it certainly isn’t -192°C lol
@martyn have you added your one to HE yet?


Ignore my last post! - When pairing, HE picked up the custom driver I have installed from before Hue drivers were included in firmware. Changing to the HE drivers and all is good :slight_smile: temp, battery, illuminance and motion all working as expected


How's the motion sensor after a couple of weeks? Any issue with it? I see they are selling it on Amazon now.


No issues at all so far. I bought one of the hue floodlights which the sensor is controlling. The setup is really good but you do need to use custom commands to get full decent brightness out of the light - just using the He standard dimmer options for temperature and colour don’t yield great results.

My only issue with the dimmer is that it isn’t heat activated the same way indoor hue sensors are; as in, normal pir heat + motion being required for the sensor to see motion. It’s a good thing and bad thing. Good because it reacts much quicker but bad if you have something flapping in the garden! I have bikes under a bike cover and where the winds have been bad the last few days the light is being triggered a lot. However, the distance the sensor works over is phenomenal! The bike covers are a good 20m away from the sensor and off to one side of the garden.

Amazon UK is where I got the sensor from and it’s definitely worth it’s money. I believe this is the first true outdoor smart sensor that incorporates lux and thankfully it does work very well


So, for clarification. . . These will pair up with HE and no bridge required? -Joel


@joelspc yes, these new sensors pair perfectly directly to HE without Hue Hub, the same way the normal indoor sensors pair perfectly direct to HE


Thanks for confirming! Definitely looking to pick up a couple. -Joel

Edit: Here's a better look at in this review.


I would agree with the review. I was looking around for a while for an outdoor motion sensor with lux capability but didnt find anything suitable - everything was either crazy price or batteries would only last a few days. I am surprised it took Philips this long to release considering they have had the outdoor strip lights out for a while but better late than never.

Lol the article has given me an idea though for a new rule about turning on an indoor light too when the house is in night mode


The only issue with using this in HE is you can’t change motion sensitivity


I received mine a few hours ago. I’m not using it with HE, but I can adjust the motion sensitivity in the Hue app, and that sensor obeys the setting in Homekit, even with nothing setup in the Hue app. I hope my wording isn’t too confusing.


@rudy can you adjust motion sensitivity in HomeKit? I didn’t try that when I had it paired to Hue hub.
I guess that’s one way round the issue and to run Automations from HomeKit. Only problem
Is Automations are terrible for control. Shame you can’t push devices FROM HomeKit to HE


I don’t see a way to do it in homekit, but in the Hue app, in accessory setup I can select the sensor and there is a button for motion sensitivity. Whatever I set that sensitivity to, that’s the sensitivity that carries through to my Homekit Automation I’ve built. That setting is honored. I’m thinking in HE it might work the same way as the Hue is the go-between interpreter for both systems. I’m speaking of when the Hue Hub is used. BTW Hue is selling some lights right now with a free hub.


I would have thought the motion sensitivity setting is only honoured when the sensor is linked with Hue Bridge and settings saved on hue bridge and not stores in the device itself.
HomeKit honours the sensitivity because ultimately the sensor is still linked to Hue bridge and exposed to HomeKit from hue bridge, not direct from the sensor.

Shame we can’t get our hands on the HE driver code cos then we could add sensitivity. When I used to be on SmartThings, one of the hue drivers I used there had motion sensitivity


Yes, of course you’re correct.


You mean if the sensor is paired to the Hue network and the LAN-based Hue Bridge integration is used in Hubitat? Unless something has changed, I don't think motion sensors are exposed via this integration, nor would it work well if they were since this integration relies on polling to retrieve device states.


Well then it won’t work. As I said, I’m using it on another system. Very clever people on this site so I was just mentioning it thinking someone might take a shot at it.


@mike.maxwell - Can you add motion sensitivity to the driver for the Phillip's Hue Outdoor Motion? I have this setup under my eves facing my door and am getting false detections. Would love to try adjusting sensitivity to see if this would calm the false detections.