Hue outdoor motions sensor zigbee mesh issue?

Just checking to see if anyone else has this issue with the Hue outdoor motion sensor. I have zigbee outlets all over the house for my mesh (innr). I even have one about 10 feet from there the Hue motion sensor is (through an exterior wall). But the sensor itself keeps getting stuck on "active". When I run an outlet on an extension cord outside and put it about 5 feet from the sensor, it begins to operate and goes inactive/active when it should. Seems like my Hue sensor has really bad reception? Battery level shows 100 percent, so just looking for anyone else who have seen this?

They seem very finicky about repeaters. One of my outdoor sensors in the back yard appears to route through a Samsung gen 3 plug on the other side of the house, or directly through the hub. I know they also route well through Hue outlets and Sonoff usb dongles. All of my Hue motion sensors (3 indoor and 3 outdoor) act this way, but they are very reliable after tailoring the mesh to suit them better. If I had figured this out sooner, I probably would’ve bought more of them, versus some of the others I have. BTW, I have avoided the INNR plugs after seeing a post saying they had a weak signal compared to the Samsung plugs (this was admittedly a while ago).

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I am using >30 Hue Motion sensors, 10 of which are the outdoor variety, I got them when they were on sale on Amazon for £15 each.

They are all connected to one of the two Hue Hubs.

They have all been extraordinarily reliable and consistent as Motion and Temp sensors.

I use the outdoor ones to monitor fridge, freezer and house battery temperature as well as Motion sensors on the drive, back door and sheds.

They are in my experience over the last 20 years the most reliable sensors I have used and run for 2 years on a couple of AAA for internal and AA for external.

I have had some directly connected to HE but after the house move they are on the Hue hubs. They worked well when connected directly to HE, to such a degree never noticed any issues.


Ok thank you for the input here, I am going to see if I can work on my mesh a little and maybe add some of those repeaters you mentioned @Ken_Fraleigh . I appreciate your time in dropping me these clues.

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I have a half-dozen of them that have been outside for about 6 months and a couple more than have been on the porch for a year. No connectivity issues and they work great. They are very active during the day with lots of false positives. There's likely a reason they're called "dusk to dawn" sensors.

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I would try the Hue outlet first unless you are comfortable flashing to the router firmware on the Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 dongle (which would then be my first choice). @aaiyar has Zigbee repeaters he recommends, but I don’t know if he has any Hue sensors to say how they work together. Maybe he will chime in if he does.


Sonoff zigbee 3.0 dongles outdoors and in my garage. I have Tuya USB Zigbee repeaters indoors. Hue Motion sensors work well with both.

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So I think I may have figured it out, and I wish I would have tried this earlier and feel a bit silly for not. Even though the unit is new and batteries are reporting 100, I went ahead and replaced them with new batteries. Now motion is detecting properly and seems to be on my zigbee mesh atleast for the last couple hours. Hoping it holds.

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If it doesn’t, the Sonoff dongles are pretty cheap and can be placed anywhere with a usb extension cable. I have 5 of them and attribute the addition of them to having zero devices dropping off so far this year. I think @danabw wrote a pdf somewhere in the forum for flashing them.


Thank you for that suggestion, if this holds I will be happy, otherwise will definitely try your suggestion.

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SonOff flashing info found here, @user1544 :

[quote="Ken_Fraleigh, post:9, topic:103830"]
. I have 5 of them...[/quote]

I want to be you when I grow up. :wink:

Agree they are great devices when used as Zigbee repeaters/routers.


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