Hue indoor sensor luminance sensitivity

May '22 - Is there a way for Hubitat to adjust the luminance sensitivity of a Hue Motion Sensor? In the room where I have mine, the luminance reading from the sensor is "0" in daytime when the lights are off and "6" when the overhead light is on. I have shades on my windows, but the room is light enough for me to read.

Set Lux reporting to happen on a change of 1 lux. That way a change of 0 to 6 detected by your sensor will definitely generate an event, which you can use as an automation trigger.

By default, lux events are generated when there's a change of 10 lux. But the driver permits setting that to 1 lux.

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What setting are you using for Lux Reporting?
You might try the log10 functions for better results. Some details can be found here:

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