Hue Bulbs and Groups & Scenes not working correctly

I'm having a little trouble getting my Groups and Scenes to work correctly with my Hue bulbs and my 2 Sylvania LED strips

When I walk in to my Editing studio, I want to open the door and have the lights change to a specific scene I setup, two Hue bulbs displaying the "Savana Sunset" color scheme, and the 2 LED strips to be a Seafoam Green. When I walk to my Audio Booth and close the door to record, I want all the lights to turn Red. When I sit down and my editing bay, I want the bulbs to change to blue.

I have setup all 4 lights in a group called "Studio". I created 3 separate scenes, the first called "Beach", the second called "Recording", and the third called "Editing". Each scene has the "Studio" group as the selected bulbs. I don't have any dimmers or switches, just a couple door sensors, but those don't show up in the menus for scenes. I back out and set the colors and capture the scene.

When I back out to the apps list, I can see all three scenes "On". I can't activate them. If I change the scenes to just use the individual lights two of the three scenes are both ON and one is NOT SET. If I go into the one that is not set, and try to activate the scene manually, the two hue bulbs go wonky and change to hot pink, but the LED strips change properly.

If I remove one of the three scenes, the two go back to one being on and one being not set. But again, if I try to activate the scenes in the app, or if I setup a simple rule to turn any of the scenes on or off using the door sensors, the hue bulbs go to the hot pink color.

I'm not really sure what to do, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Door/Window contacts are not controllable devices, and can not be included in a group or a scene.

You should probably ignore the "on" or "off" state of a scene for the moment...

Create your desired scenes... Think of the scene as a snapshot of the state of the lights that are in the scene... After the scene is created, you then capture the scene... Set the lights to the desired state, then capture the scene to store that state...

Once you have created the scenes, you need to activate them... When you create a scene, a virtual device is created with the same name as the scene... This device is used to turn the scene "on" or "off"... You can control this device, and the scene, using many methods... Built-in (Rule Machine, Motion Lighting, etc) or Custom apps are the most common.

In Rule Machine, you can select door/window sensors by selecting the capability "contact". You can choose what state the selected door/window sensor triggers on... For your stated use case, you would choose the "becomes open" setting for the first door trigger... Then under the actions you would select "Control switches", then "turn switches on", then select the desired scene device.

Ah ok, I was using the Hubitat Simple Lighting app to use the door sensors to trigger the scene, but the Rule Machine is what I should use.

So maybe it's me and messing something simple up, but I still tried for a couple hours after last night, until 4am, and still have been having weird issues that change randomly. It's a new day, I'm well rested and ready to get back at this.

  1. I go into Hubitat's Group and Scenes App and create the Group "Studio" with both the two hue bulbs and the LED strips. The only option toggled on is "Enable on/off optimization" which I leave defaulted to on and click done.

  2. I change the colors I want, one using the hue app on my phone for changing the two color bulbs. The two LED strips, I have created buttons on the Hubitat dashboard that are "color bulbs"

  3. I back out into the app and then create a new scene called "Beach" and set the Color Bulbs to the "Studio" group. I don't have any dimmers or switches for the scene, just the color bulb group. No other options are made (buttons, ignore activate switch off or create capture device). I just hit Capture Scene, then done.

  4. I repeat step 3 & 4 for creating two additional scenes, Editing and Recording with different colors (Blue for editing, Red for Recording).

  5. When I back out, all three new scenes are set to on, but I ignore that.

  6. I open up Rule Machine, Create New Rule, and name the rule "When Studio Door is Opened, Beach Scene Turns On"

  7. I select Trigger Events, select capability to "contact", select Studio Door Sensor as the contact sensor, leave contact becomes "Open" and click done. Back in the Select Trigger Events I click done again.

  8. For Select Action, I choose, "Control Switches/Push Buttons" and then "Turn Switches On", I choose the "Beach" scene as a switch, and click done. Then I click Done with Actions. Back in the Define a Rule I click Done again.

  9. When I go to test out the rule, buy opening the door, all the lights turn teal (not any color I set). I think I'm having a fundamental misunderstanding of how groups or scenes work, I get the Rule Machine now though. I'm really not sure where I'm going wrong.

The "groups" part is great for grouping your devices together so that you can turn on/off a group instead of a large number of individual devices...

The "scenes" part is good for recreating the state of a colection of individual devices....

I think your problem here is with the groups part of the "groups and scenes"...

I don't think that the scene can properly "capture" the state of a group... So instead of using the "group" in the scene, use the individual devices.

Additionally, when you set the colors using the hue app on your phone, this color change can take some time to be recognized by HE... If you capture the scene before the HE has updated with your desired state, it can capture an intermediate state and mess up your scene... I would recoment using the device page for the bulbs (in another browser) to set your desired colors, that way you should get the exact color you want.

Ignoring it was because it does not directly affect the creation/operation of the scene. It describes the state of the scene. A scene has two states - "On" and "Not Set". If the current state of each of the devices in a scene EXACTLY match the state recorded in the scene then the scene is "On". Otherwise, the scene is "Not Set". When you return to the app list after capturing the scene, it will always be in the "On" state.

Ok, so I need to change the color in of the bulbs in the Device page. That's a bummer, I really like the pre-setup scenes that Philips has created in the Hue app, and recreating those exact colors can be much more difficult.

When I go to the device page, I see commands for Set Color & Set Color Temp, Hue, Level and Saturation all have a requirement. I click on the Color Map and use the panel to select a certain color. I click close and nothing happens, I click on the set color button, on, off, temp/hue/level/saturation. Input all forms of numbers, but nothing is responding.

You don't have to change the colors from Hubitat, but if you do, you won't have to wait for them to get updated in Hubitat because the changes you make will be reflected immediately. As the other poster said, changes made from the Hue app (or non-Hubitat integrations) will need to wait for the next poll/refresh of the Hue Bridge from Hubitat in order to get the state. The default time for this is 60 seconds. Your actual time will, then, usually be less; you can also force it to happen when you know you're about to capture a scene by clicking "Refresh" on your Hue Bridge device (not the bulbs/groups but the Bridge).

If you like Hue scenes, Hubitat's native integration doesn't support them natively, as you discovered, so one workaround is re-creating them yourself in Hubitat. However, at least two community-created Hue Bridge integrations do support activating Hue scenes from Hubitat. I wrote CoCoHue, which has this feature, and an older option is Hue B Smart. Perhaps this way would be easier for you (but in both cases, activating a scene just calls out to Hue to do the same and you'll have to wait for the refresh interval to pass before Hubitat sees the current bulb states correctly; this does not matter unless you have apps/rules that need to trigger immediately based on such a change).

I use your CoCoHue app to bring scenes into Hubitat, Then, since I have Hue interspersed with Sylvania RGBWs, I create a scene combining the Hue scene with the captured Sylvania bulbs. This way works much faster for me than trying to control the entire scene from HE. With the built in integration there was always a delay between the "on Hubitat" lights and the Hue controlled lights.