Hubitat, your missing the boat. Reach out to Wink Users

Please reach out to the transitioning Wink users. I am transitioning from Wink and it has been daunting at best. I am an Electrical engineer, and have been intimidated. Feel lost because I don't know code, etc. Show users how to use Github and what it is. I search the community regularly and feel lost and frustrated very often. Please don't make assumptions that potentially new customers will just pick up on things. Hubitat is good, but you're missing the boat in bringing on a HUGE new customer base of Wink users.

You don't need to use Github to get started on Hubitat. You can if you want to add custom code for apps or drivers, but for new users--especially ones transitioning from more lรญmited platforms like Wink--the default set should be more than sufficient to get you started, and I wouldn't recommend starting with custom code right off the bat regardless.

I'm not saying the documentation couldn't be better, especially for those transitioning from different platforms. But there are a lot of helpful people in the Community. What are you having problems with? Lots of us are eager to help.

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Thanks! Just super aggravated about Schlage locks. Added 2 aeotecs in multiple set ups and still not reliable. Have followed everything listed in forums.

Also the radios in the Hubitat should be stronger. I've had to add 2 zwave repeaters and 2 zigbee repeaters at a cost of close to $100. That means the Hubitat wasn't a cheap purchase at $89 after all.

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Oh, and just as we speak, a Hubitat simple lighting rule failed to fire. Starting to think there's a little too much Hubitat Hype going around.

Nobody is forcing you to use HE. Use whatever platform works best for you. I haven't had any issues.

Z-Wave locks are tricky. You definitely need repeaters (preferably beaming repeaters, which anything certified in the last few years should be) to make them work well. Dedicated repeaters usually aren't necessary since most powered Z-Wave devices are repeaters, but some people have reported particular luck with the Dome or Aeon repeaters regardless. Glad you got something figured out there!

I can't speak to your Simple Lighting problem, but looking at your logs might help you figure something out (does any "info" log indicate that the device tried to turn on? I don't use Simple Lighting and don't know if it itself can log its actions, but turning that on if available might also help). Sometimes, when timed/scheduled events don't happen like you think they should, going into the app and clicking "Done" will re-schedule them--usually not necessary but something that can't hurt if something seems wrong.


I came from Wink, along with many others.

There is a learning curve to any new system, Hubitat included. Because we used Wink, we are at a big disadvantage. We never had to deal with things like drivers, apps, or many other things that Hubitat can do.

Stick with it though, it gets easier. I initially had some issues, but for the last 6 months or so everything has been pretty flawless. Even my Schlage locks that many people have issues with work great in Hubitat. Maybe I am lucky or something?


You should have looked around on here first before you spent that much on repeaters. You could have done Iris outlets from ebay, at about $10 each. There is a terrific seller who has 5 packs all the time on there.


I tend to agree with this. I came from wink and, although Hubitat is a far more capable platform, it really is odd that it has as many issues as it does with z-wave and ZigBee radio strength. I don't understand why the hub is designed to be so small. I could care less if it was as big as a wink hub, or even larger, for that matter. It's not like you're porting it around and compact size is important. I'm not sure if it was designed so small to keep shipping costs down? As others have mentioned, if you have to buy a couple z-wave range extenders then paying a little more, to cover the cost of shipping a larger hub, wouldn't be a big issue.


About your locks - this might help:

Just as a clarification, the Z-wave and Zigbee hardware radio antennas are only a few millimeters wide. It would be no problem to increase the radio amplitude without changing anything about the size or shape of the hub.

However, if you'd like to increase the strength of your Zigbee mesh by a few orders of magnitude, take a look at the XBee thread in this forum. If you enjoy messing around with hardware, you can add an XBee device to your mesh (which is a fraction of the size of the HE hub), and expand your Zigbee radius much farther than the hub can reach.

Regarding the learning curve - stick with it though. There's endless help and support in this forum and eventually things start to make sense. I came from SmartThings, like a lot of folks here, and I'm still learning the ins and outs of basic home automation operations.

Yes, thanks. I was hoping the tool could help me in positioning all my zwave devices. I may go ahead and pull the trigger.


Will do. Thanks!

Yes, I tried this and it helped some. When I get home tonight I'm going to try setting the aeotec right on top of HE hub. Do a repair for the 500th time and try again.

You probably don't want to put those repeaters too close, a few feet away would probably be better than right on top of it. You don't want to overwhelm the Hubitat's signal.

Also, I am not sure if you saw this, but here are some suggestions how to build a good mesh.

Yes, I have pretty much followed this. Starting to wonder if my problem my be that I have my main Orbi router less than 2 ft away from the hub. It's a strong router with 2 satellites with 2g and 5 g backhaul.

I give that a qualified "maybe". If you remember, Wink had/has a huge issue if you put them too close to your Wifi router. It won't pair with wireless among other symptoms.

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If the 2.4ghz wifi channel(s) and zigbee channel overlap it can definitely reduce range having them too close together.

You can lookup what 2.4ghz wifi channels you are using and zigbee channel you are using and compare.

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