Hubitat with Homemade Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensor


What type of relay are you using?



This is fantastic news. You are making great progress on this.


I will be making examples with, Yes, sound and motion sensor. They are in my queue to do.

The environment sensor eventually may have cover. However, I will have to design it. It complicates with temperature measurement.

The concept of expandable sensor is that fellow community members will be able to add your own sensor without worry about writing any firmware. Sound sensor will fall into this. For example, you can get

It will connect to analog input. You can write your own DH to convert the volt value to db or use the volt value as is. You do not have to deal with the complexity of doing ADC optimally in the firmware.

I am hoping to make this feature so that fellow member here will be able to use sensor of their choosing.


I bought cheap one from ebay. To be honest, It is an example. I just happen to have one at hand.

My need is actually to retrofit my garage door remote and use the Environment sensor to simulate button press. My chamberline integration is getting unreliable lately.


Thank you.


Awesome! Hey, forget the background music, let us hear your voice narrating what’s happening on the video :wink:


Is this possible with the version of the sensor you sent me or does it require a newer board than the one I have?


I am sorry. There are 2 parts of the solution. The firmware need to be updated on your board. It is not possible to be done remotely.


No problem.


Nice! Keep us posted please.


that one seems a bit pricey. will this also work?

thank you.


The expensive one, if you looked at the spec carefully, mentioned about a-weighting filtering. This will help you to meter ambient sound. You want to get this one if you do not want to thinker too much to get things right. There are plenty of filtering technique in google. You can perhaps find a solution that fit what you want to detect.

The cheaper one may just be a microphone with amplifier. You will be getting all sort of sound. There will be huge challenge. One can stream those reading just like PCM. You can do the processing on the hub side. However, I do not believe that zigbee have the bandwidth to do this. I am getting this one myself for experiment. I want to know what I can and cannot do with this one.

If I were to use it for production, I would get something like the expensive one. The one that has been taylored to do specific job.


This show up in my mailbox. This is the first module that I do not assembled myself. It is one of 10 that a contract manufacture assembled. It is hard to see in the picture. However, side by side, their soldering is much more superior than what I can do.


how do i get one of these? i prefer the onboard antenna. :slight_smile:


Looks like an awesome project! Like @bangali said, is there a way to get a hold of one of these to develop with?


These modules comes with Extended Range Zigbee with PCB Antenna.

They are installed to older board. The expandable pin to connect to your own sensor are accessible. However, they are not conveniently accessible.

For comparison, please see picture below. Notice the pins on the bottom right corner of module on the right. The manufactured module is still wearing the old board (left board).

I can install the latest firmware. However, you will have to access the pins from the Zigbee module pins (the vertical and horizontal row of pins). If you guys insist, we can take this route.

I do not have any radio available at this moment. I do have newer board at hand at this point. There are a lot of things going on. Let me short things out, Please give me some time to figure out how I can build some extra modules to share with members here.


i doubt i will be using those pins. i will just wait for you to add a sound sensor onboard. :slight_smile:

for now i am fine with the old board with the onboard antenna.

thank you.


Ok. please give me time to sort things out. I will keep one for you.


on manual refresh there is both a pressureMeasurement and pressure … always with slightly different values … seems a little odd:


the RSSI value doesnt seem right:

[dev:792] 2018-08-22 23:38:04.329:warndiag- RSSI:211

thank you.


interesting, the attribute name for pressureMeasurement was supposed to be pressure, I'll update this in the db...