Hubitat with Homemade Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensor


Hi Everyone,

The latest batch of Zigbee Radio has arrived.

I have partially assembled them (The top three rows). Some of them are still missing Temp, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensor. They have new board with pad exposed for hobbyist to connect additional sensors. The zigbee radio has 2 flavors (extended and non extended range). There is no external antenna needed. The antenna is on the PCB.

If you are interested on these modules, I would like to get donations to recover the cost of the modules. They are not commercially available. The donation is used to cover the cost of the hardware and other material to develop the sensor modules. In the past few months, we have gone from a simple Zigbee Repeater to Environment Sensor. Today, you can expand the sensor on the modules. There is a change for the donations cost. I would be offering two flavor.

  • With Temp, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensor. Donation $28. You will get the said sensor out of the box. In the future, if you need to add your own sensor, the pads are exposed for connection.
  • Without Temp, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensor. Donation $17.

They are Zigbee Repeater regardless which flavor you choose. Both flavors will come with firmware to support the expandable sensor IO. They are supported through Zigbee Binary Input/Output and Analog Cluster. I will provide example DTH for them. You do not have to deal with the complexity of writing low level firmware.

The ship date ETA for the module with full sensor(aka) is 9/20/2018. I will take your request. I will overnight the sensor from arrow electronic and install them.

The module without sensors will be shipped as soon as I soldered the USB connector and test them.

My recommendation is to get the full sensor version. My intention and How I use them is for room monitoring. For me, those sensors are the minimum information that I must have. On the other hand, I also want to be realistic. The sensors on the board are expensive ($6 to $7 a pop). I also get feedback from member who already had my module that some of the sensors are not important for them. Therefore, I want to try to make it as optional item in the light of it is now possible to connect your own sensors.

The bottom rows are fully made modules with all the sensor with the old board. They are good for someone who do not want to tinker around with sensor expansion. I have 4 of them left from a batch that is made by manufacture. I ran a test manufacturing run of 10 modules.

Let me know if you are interested. Like on the past, I typically make a list of interest. Once I have enough number in the list, I will take care of them in a batch.


sign me up for one of the full sensor version please.


My recollection, you would like to get the manufactured one? That one is ready to ship.


wait, is there another full sensor option other than this one? does this come with the extended range?


I have both zigbee radio available for the modules that are partially assembled. For manufactured module, I only have extended zigbee radio.


so for temp, humidity, pressure and light sensors ones:

  1. there are ones that you are assembling? these have option of both regular and extended zigbee radio?
  2. there are also manufactured ones? these only have extended zigbee radio?

  1. Yes. They are the first 3 rows from top.
  2. Yes, yes, They are bottom row. If you notice 4 modules on the right has bunch of labels(one of them is FCC label), they are manufactured modules.


ahh these are the ones with the old board … so less convenient to expand?


Yes. If you do not care about expansion, these are ready to ship. They came from last batch when I did test run with a manufacture.


ok. other than the pins is there any other difference? like am i loosing any other functionality?


They are just not expandable. I would not recommend to tinker around on this one. I keep using the old firmware since It was a known stable state. They are professionally soldered. It would have been a waste to make it a prototype board.

All my zigbee devices stopped responding

ok. sounds good.

how much do i paypal you for these?


$28 just like the full sensor. I am sorry I did not mention that.


ok. no problem.


PM me if you need my paypal address.




@bangali,@Christopher,@bertabcd1234, I have sent the modules today. If you guys did not get an email of the tracking number, please let me know.

The availability for older type board( not expandable) is now 2.

For new style of board, I have still a few available left. The BME280 and Light sensor is on the way. I will try to get them solder out this weekend.


Fully assembled board just come out of the oven with all sensors fully installed. I am testing them as we speak. They should be ready to ship in 2 to 3 days. Some of them has been spoken for. If you are interested, PM me, I will let you know what I have left.


Mine arrived today! Is there a secret to pairing these? I tried just plugging it in and putting the hub in discovery mode, but it didn't find anything, so then I also tried the "reset" procedure (holding button down while plugging it, keep holding for about 2 seconds, then release). I have tried two different power sources so assume that's not a problem but don't see a way on the device to tell if it's actually getting power (LED?) or if something broke. If I'm missing something, let me know!


Have you add the DH to your hub? Without the DH, it should show up as "Device"

Here is my github link.

I individually test the module before I ship it. Any noticeable crack?