Hubitat with homebridge

I am looking to gain control over my Schlage Sense (homekit) and MyQ garage door opener. It appears that homebridge is the best means to do this based on my research. Is that still accurate?

If so, I was going to install homebridge on my Raspberry Pi via the following instructions:

Is there a guide for then integrating with Hubitat and how to add/control homekit devices?

Homebridge is a one way street and you can only bring devices from Hubitat to Homekit. Right now, there is no way to connected a HomeKit only device back to Hubitat.


Ah, that was a misunderstanding on my part. Thanks for saving me the time in trying to set that up.

But you could setup virtual switches that turn things on from HomeKit to give communication back to Hubitat.

Iā€™m doing this via MyQ.

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How would I do this? Could I unlock a Schlage Sense? Open/Close a MyQ door?

Under Homekit you setup an automation to turn on the virtual switch or turn it off.

And then make another automation if the switch turns on/off, then have homekit do something

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