Hubitat vs. Sharptools vs. ActionTiles

What is your pick??? I currently have ActionTiles and Hubitat and am working on my final Dashboard decision, but have never tried Sharptools, which looks pretty nice.


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I like ActionTiles, but wanted to consolidate tools if possible. So far Hubitat does not seem to allow for as pretty of a Dashboard experience, but I am only one week in. Sharptools looks very nice but again, I want to simplify and go away from multiple tools if I smart screens need to pop, I have a reputation to live up too :slight_smile:


What's missing? You can set virtually everything as custom, including custom CSS.

Individual tile backgrounds, layered tiles, transparency for all tiles, thousands of icons...

Sure it take a bit of work to get it the way you want it, but Hubitat Dashboard allows virtually unlimited customization.


Well, that is what I am asking haha...Not sure on the true power of Hubitat yet, do you have any pics, I would like to see what you can do :slight_smile:


Lots of pics here Show Off Your Dashboards!

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Not to mention, dashboard configurations are sharable, just copy and paste the json found in advanced of settings.

Just need to replace the devices in each tile with your devices. But all the customizations can be shared or duplicated across multiple dashboards.

Oh nice thank you.

I've never done CSS. Is there any tutorial on that kinda thing?

Might want to give HousePanel a try too. Hyper customization and some unique features. Visit or check it out on this forum.
HousePanel Dashboard App for Hubitat


Thank you

So a little puzzled as to how to do something here. I can set the colors for a template. But then all the items on the dashboard with the same template have the same color. How would I make a different color for each tile?

Using CSS after looking at the tutorial someone mentioned above. do I use the tile ID as the item, ie 3 {color: brown} something like that?

Just trying to learn it all.

Primarily the per tile config for custom on and off icons , on / off colors for icon and background or url image reloading on on/off state change.

First I've heard of this. Can you give me more information on how this would work?

Someone proposed this on the community - I can't remember who, as a way of supporting custom icons and tile backgrounds on a per tile basis , loaded via an image url that was different for state 'on' and 'off' or whatever the two textual states for a device display as.

I know there was some technical complication to do with the state not being available on a per tile basis as it was rendered that made this difficult

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I get the concept, just can't wrap my head around execution or implementation.

With an upcoming change to dashboard, this will be fairly easy to do with custom css but actually implementing this so a user could do it easily would be fairly difficult.

Well - I think the more advanced people who want this level of customisation might be willing to delve into the CSS but I haven't seen many posts here from people using custom CSS yet.

Obviously it would be nice to have an easy way for everyone to access this but at least if color and icons were easily accessible that might suffice. An associated issue is that icon sets can't be loaded onto HE.

The dashboards still present as a little old fashioned 'Win 8' style and I know a lot can be fixed with CSS - maybe a few tutorial examples would promote more people using it.

I'm sort of with HE's view that a dashboard is really something you shouldn't use that often with automation taking care of doing the right things at the right time

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Yes and no. I'm more control than automation. So dashboards are important to me.

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Take a look at the default css file that comes with HousePanel or play with an installed version by fiddling with the Tile Editor and then inspect the generated customtiles.css file to get an idea of how to formulate appropriate complex css phrases. The key is having the architecture in the dashboard to put unique class names for each tile and state. Without that all the CSS wizardry in the world won’t help you. I know nothing about the built in HE dashboard architecture but I would think it possible to modify easily to enable this type of css flexibility. The usual Chrome or Edge inspect window will reveal what is possible.