Hubitat vs. Sharptools vs. ActionTiles

I don't.

I'm of the view that it is up to the end user to decide how they want to interact with their system and devices. As such, more manual control is a legitimate option/need.

I don't tell, others they should/shouldn't automate a function, and I don't them telling me that either. :+1:

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How do you customize icons ?

In the template editor you can pick different icons for each state. Or you can set an icon for a specific tile.

I found it.

There’s no option to add an icon to dashboard links.

I also don’t see where to adjust text size for individual tiles. Lastly, no option to reposition text?

Now I’ll get off topic. Love to see an iCal intergration plus an RSS feed to pull in more options.

I know, I’m being picky.

Correct. There are none of those options. Assuming you want those options, I'm happy to add them to the feature request list.

With the custom css, anything is possible. It will get even more possible in a future update.


Hey Mike-
Icon customizations for dashboard tiles, calendar integrations, news feeds, and text size customization (on Hero Attribute tiles and Label Tiles) are all available in dashboards. :smiley:

I am with Jasonjoel regarding his position on @kevin 's statement . Also, since dashboards are the only place in HE to see the status of things in your home when you are away, the dashboard is an essential piece of product. Since HE doesn’t allow for remote access without a VPN (like SmartThings did) their phone app only allows dashboards as a means of checking in on things or controlling them while you are gone. I get too many notifications on my phone right now to keep getting status updates. I check my phone to check in when I have time.

Dashboards are not optional because of automation, they are essential because HE doesn’t allow remote access without them. Even if HE did allow remote access, or if you have a VPN, the device list does not show the status of the device in the list. You have to open each one to see its status.

The purpose of a hub is not just automation. It is monitoring too.


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I understand your viewpoint. I just want to bring it to your attention that you quoted a post from another user that @JasonJoel quoted in his post, so it reads as if it was actually @JasonJoel's opinion, and ultimately, contrary to your's . Just a little confusing.:wink:

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Thanks @bjcowles. It was very confusing. I corrected the quote reference.