website & Cobra GitHub

I’m not sure where this cert comes from.
Perhaps the software I’m using.

The website does not currently have an ssl cert as it has not been configured for ssl connections


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I'm late to the party here but I've only just gotten around to actually setting this account up despite jumping to Hubitat from ST as soon as I could get hold of one in the UK. Mostly, to be honest, because registering at your new site requires it. I know I should be ashamed.

@Cobra, no way in hades that you'll remember a professional lurker like myself from The Other Place, but you answered questions and helped me get up and running in groovy to the extent that I've been able to sort most things out myself, get my home stable and keep a decent wife approval factor across two hubs.

This might be an ancient topic, but here's a public thank you (without to much of a necropost). Good luck with the new site, sounds like you have plans afoot.


A very important metric


Music apps, that's the reason I am waiting to have acces on the new website :slight_smile: , maybe there is an app that supports my Revo super connect since this is an UK product:-)

There is not, unfortunately
I don't see this as being 'smart' in any way as I don't see an app or api

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:sob:, I think the API do exists, the app I use is UNDOK.
When I use openhab I can connect to the radio...

Maybe in the future someone who is smarter than me :wink: with a radio, based on the Frontier Silicon chipset and a Hubitat will build and share the driver, lets hope:-)

@Cobra, Hi Andy, I just tried to log in to your site for the first time and got "the access is disabled" message. Registered some time back.

Appreciate your assistance. Cheers mate.

AFAIK the site isn’t open for business yet.

I’m sure they will announce prominently in this thread or create a new one to let us know when it is.


Thanks Mark.


@marktheknife is correct.
We are not open yet.

Two things will happen when we do...

  1. We will announce something in the forum
  2. Once activated, you will get a system email that your account has changed.



What?!! - No fireworks show?!!

I guess we'll have to make do with this then ....



The website is now open!
You should start receiving your 'account activated' emails soon



Great job with the site @Cobra! Well worth a donation (which I will do) in these stressful times!

If I may be the first with a possible silly question - how do we use the supertile countdown timer?

Not a silly question... I just realised it doesn't mention it on the website
I'll ask @Royski to update when he gets the chance

You need to install the device driver, then create a virtual device and use this in the app
the app can then be triggered to set off the countdown whenever it is triggered..

Not the best explanation, but you probably get the idea.
It will be explained better when Roy gets a chance to do the page

Got it, thanks!

Yeah, I have work to do on this app, quite a lot of work :cry:

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Well I did say it wasn't 100% complete :slight_smile:


Got my email and I'm in!! Looking forward to taking a look at the solar edge driver.

Thanks for all your hard work guys,


I also want to say thanks! I know what I am doing this weekend!

Super Tile
I might even play with the door/window tracking and speaker tools!

Did I see you say once that you where going to look into SimpliSafe? I'd love your API skills on that one!

Donation incoming.

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Sorry no, that's not on the horizon
I still have a load of my own apps & drivers to update yet :slight_smile:
I'll be updating 'till Christmas