Driver for Internet Radio based on the Frontier Silicon chipset

Did anyone ever did an integration of an internet radio based on the Frontier Silicon chipset in the HE?
When I use Home Assistant or OpenHAB the device is available to send commands to it.
For more info about the Frontier Silicon chipset:

Anyone who did it in HE with a driver?
Today I use the UDOK app to operate my radio

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How would you propose that someone would be able to do this in HE? You do not have access to the operating system of the hub, which you would have to in order to implement something like this.

Using a driver, like I did for my Yamaha receiver

You mean a Hubitat driver? You cannot access the OS of the hub through Groovy drivers in Hubitat.

correct, I have changed my post;-)

I'm sorry, but I'm not following you. You can't do this with a Hubitat driver. Drivers don't work that way.

It is possible with my Yamaha receiver, so why should it not possible with my smart radio?

I am sorry but I misunderstood your post. I thought you meant you were adding a radio to the hub.
Not that you wanted to interface to one. What does the chipset in the HE have to do with interfacing to your internet radio? Is your internet radio able to be interfaced to with HTTP GET or POST messages or with a TELNET interface? If so, then you could write a driver for it. But the chipset in the hub has nothing to do with being able to write a driver for something.

Did you checked the link from openhab above in the post? I guess for people who has the knowledge it should be enough, I have not the knowledge :cry:
I want to do on/off, volume, input, next.... you're asking for someone else to develop this for you. Okay.

or someone who already uses it....

Again...I believe I was thrown off by your use of "Chipset". That term has absolutely no baring on building an interface to a device in this context.

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