Hubitat to consume a push message?

Trying to find a workaround for an integration that doesn’t have integration with Hubitat or a public api yet. It sends push notices to a mobile app... is there any way I could somehow get Hubitat to “get” a iOS push message (dedicated iPad or something) and do something with it??

Trying to think of something creative here

The 3rd party has email push, but that’s too slow and unreliable for “quick” actions like turning on lights and stuff

Like text to MQTT?

Can it send an http get?

Rule Machine or the Maker API app can receive those and you could do stuff based on that.

I don't use Apple products but I have played a little with wife's iPhone and the Shortcuts app. I don't know if Shortcuts can use an incoming notification as a Trigger but I do know it can send an HTTP request. I setup one that sends HTTP Requests based on battery level of phone. So, when iPhone receives the notification, it sends an HTTP request as a cloud/local trigger to RM or to Maker API address.

I do similar using Tasker App on Android (not available for Apple) for some things like Eufy doorbell and Amcrest cameras that don't have direct integration with HE.

The theory would be similar for iPhone Shortcuts and is described in this thread about Eufy doorbell:

HOWEVER, if iPhone Shortcuts won't allow you to use a received notification as a trigger, then everything I just wrote is MOOT! :grin:

I’m not sure what the possible triggers are for a “home hub” automation, but here’s what I see for a “personal automation”:

Sadly, I don’t see anything based on receiving a push notification from an app.