Hubitat support of Wink-branded devices

Like many I imagine, I'm making the switch from Wink to Hubitat.

I compiled a list of the smart devices I have and I think most are going to work. There's a few however that I don't see listed and would like to ask about.. primarily Wink branded devices that came with the system.

There's 5 in question:

  1. Wink Door/Window Sensor (Z-Wave) - Wink | Help | Wink Door/Window Sensor
  2. Wink light bulb (Zigbee) - Wink | GE Link Connected LED Bulbs
  3. Wink Motion Sensor (Z-Wave) - Wink | Help | Wink Motion Sensor
  4. Wink Siren - I see this one listed in community drivers so I'll try it out!
  5. Wink Relay (Z-Wave/WIFI) - I'm not expecting much from this old device and I did see someone trying to write a custom driver for it.. I'll have to give that a shot before replacing it!

I'm hoping the door sensor and light bulb just work like any other Z-Wave or Zigbee device.. the others I'm not so sure of.

Does anyone have any advice or experience adding these devices? I'll update here when I give each one a try

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Well, that was a lot easier than it was setting up all of these devices in Wink a few years back! Maybe I'm just familiar today with how Z-Wave and Zigbee devices need to work.

Anyway, I was able to add everything except for my Wink Door/Window sensors and the Wink Relay (haven't tried).

Is there a place to submit a request to support a new device? Is there anything I can do debug-wise to help with that process since I have these devices? Just a standard door sensor on Z-Wave

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Glad most of it worked out, I missed your post earlier.

Those Wink sensors should work, I think they were just rebranded Dome sensors? Try to factory reset them, and bring them to the hub (or the hub to them) and see if they will include.

What I do think you might be missing is enough Zwave devices in your mesh to give everything a strong signals. These can be purpose built Zwave repeaters, or line powered devices like light switches. How to Build Your Z-Wave Mesh

You also should run a Zwave repair now that you have some devices on there. This is true any time you add new Zwave devices. This is different than what you had to do for Wink, but not a big deal to do.

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Sorry, I didn't see your reply but good to know that the Wink door/window sensor should work. Has anyone else gotten these to register?

I was able to get all of the other Wink devices (except Relay but that's expected) to pair so I'm not sure what I'm not doing correctly. I am resetting these devices AFAIK and I did unpair them first with the Wink hub.. but, again, maybe I'm doing something wrong. These sensors are pretty close to the hub so I don't think range would be the issue, though.

I've never tried a Zwave repair.. I'll do that today!

Did you ever get the Wink door sensor to work with Hubitat?

I want a few such sensors and these are the cheapest Zwave+ sort that I can find.

Yes, I did. It wasn't easy though.. I'm not even exactly sure how to repeat what I did..

For putting the device into pairing mode I pressed the button 3/4 times quickly so the blue lights flashed. That's all the manual says to do.

I did also notice that if I held the button down for a while (10-15 secs) sometimes the light would also flash. Not sure which of these actually did the trick though.

I did also pair 1 of the sensors right next to the hub and it paired much faster

Actually, I forgot to mention I used this driver for the door sensors: [RELEASE] Wink Door/Window Sensor / Wink Motion Sensor / Siren (coming soon)

I would like to mention something here to put in the back of your mind for down the road. The GE lights will end up giving you grief as you add Zigbee devices. Bulbs in general make poor repeating devices and the GE ones can be especially bad. If they work for you today, by all means keep using them. If in the future you have issues with Zigbee devices, don't be surprised when everyone recommends dumping them.


The Wink devices are all Z-Wave I believe.. at least all of mine were (door, motion, siren). The links in the first post should have all of the details to be sure though

You list GE Link bulbs which are Zigbee.


Thanks for the report. The price is right, I will give one a try and see how it goes.

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