Hubitat™ SmartThings Integration


Can I use this to control/send color commands a single hue bulb in ST?


The particular integration within this thread allows SmartThings devices to appear with Hubitat as virtual devices. The communications is one way, from ST to Hubitat.


Got it. thanks!


If you want to send from Hubitat to ST, look into the "Other Hub" community app.


Does Send Hub Events update the Modes in HE? I see that there is a selection to enable this but I am wondering if it just does it or if it creates anything virtual in HE?


It actually updates the mode in Hubitat. It essentially turns the Hubitat hub into a mode slave of the ST hub.



Thanks! I have been having a lot of trouble lately with HE and changing modes so I am going to implement the changes in ST and have ST send the mode change to HE.


What are your problems? Something we should fix??


Well I have had to unplug my hub twice to reboot it in the last week or so because it seemed to lock up. I had to revert back to version 2.04.118 because 2.05.... broke my Ecobee integration and I have ecobee settings all automated based on modes and presence. HE doesn't always seem to update the modes when my presence sensors have arrived or left. I get a notification that presence sensors have left or arrived but the mode doesn't always change and ecobee won't update to the correct program. Just little things here and there that throw a symmetrical house out of wack. Don't get me wrong, I do like HE for the most part but some things are still a struggle to be consistent. When it works, it works very well. I thought it was maybe my wifi causing issues so I moved my router to the center of the house. This has made my wifi much more stable for sure but still having issues. I only run one piston in webCore and the rest are Rules in Rule Machine.


The current WC version is a bit unstable, aside from the fact that that is the first thing the staff will ask you to remove before they even try to help. Although this sounds harsh, it the right thing to do. Wait until your hub has been stable for at least 2 full weeks before you think about adding WC back, it's a known issue and is possibly exacerbating the issue. There are some other apps and drivers that are not been done correctly for HE and although on there own they may be fine if you have a few it can again be the issue.

The issue is things are too easy to port from ST and due to infinite resources of the cloud a few bugs and a load of logging was fine in ST. But when it's just your hub being the brain there is a limit of junk it can take.

What are you using for this? I had some issues at first when trying to have both systems going, I got it working but you have to plan it well.
I've been 100% HE for quite a while now though.

Side note once you have removed the problem stuff, reboot your hub. It seems to hold onto the bad code in till it's been rebooted, so leads you to think it something else still causing problems.


Thanks for your input however, I haven't touched Webcore since I installed it when I first got my HE going about 5 months ago. I had read that the latest version was unstable so I have just left it. I had installed one of Cobra's apps (Announcer), I think, so that I could get multiple sonos speakers to be grouped when I announce arrivals and departures but that didn't work as intended and it was shortly after that install that I had the first hub lockup. So, I have rebooted it a couple of times since uninstalling that app and again today because of the lockup again. As for presence sensors, I have tried ST, WebCore, Locative (all phones are iOS) and so far the only one that seems to work the best is ST. I was running these simultaneously to check which were the most consistent. ST won with Send Hub Events app. How do you do it?


At the time I used ST (worked well pushing it to HE) and life 360. I then combined them using @Cobra presence central app but because I didn't want the wife to have to have loads off apps and we both got new phones so I didn't bother setting up ST again, so I just used life 360 again though presence central and it still worked 95% of time. Now though I use life and the wifi presence sensor combined and its been 100% so far.

BTW I have the group set up any to arrive to go to present, but they both have to leave for it to go not present.


Have you tried Homebridge for presence? It's pretty much all I use Homebridge for and it works really well.


I'm assuming life 365 is the beta version of life360 :wink:


Knew i should have checked its name :laughing::crazy_face:


No, it's the version that integrated with Outlook, Word and Excel....right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :clown_face:


@Ryan780 now that's funny! :rofl: @BorrisTheCat I tried the wifi presence sensor but it was giving me updates of here and away every minute so I had to take it off. I don't like Life 360/365. I have tried it twice and didn't keep it. @SmartHomePrimer I haven't tried Homebridge but it is something that I might and should try as I have an unraid server with docker on it and I believe I can run it as a docker app. I will try to find some info on this. Do you have any?


Nothing on docker. I run mine on an old Mac laptop and I've run it on a RPi Zero W too (but I suggest a RPi 3+ as a RPi Zero W was a bit sluggish for this).