Hubitat sending Mode - Home Hubitat and Mode - Away Hubitat to Homekit - not sure what is happening

I am using Hubitat and Homebridge v2 to get items to Apple Homekit. Generally working they way i want however this is creating two 'mode' switches that appear in Homekit that don't seem to work properly. I will often have Mode - Away Hubitat shown as 'on' in Homekit when the mode on Hubitat says 'Home' and vice verca. How do I fix this issue? I'm not using these two things for any reason in Homekit so I could just have them go away but I cannot find a way to do that. They aren't listed in the Homebridge app. Any help appreciated.

Do you also have the built-in HomeKit Integration running on your hub?

Found it. Says not running.

It would be in the list of apps. If you haven't installed it via Add built-in app then you don't have it.

Which Hubitat plugin for homebridge are you using? There are two I’m aware of, but I’ll hazard a guess you’re using this one.

If that’s the case, then creating mode switches is optional, and can be toggled off in the homebridge Hubitat app’s settings if you don’t intend to use them. Then you can delete the switches in the Apple Home app.

FWIW, the mode switches work just fine for me in the Apple Home app, though.

Do you know if the built in app works same way as tonesto one? I will try and figure out this mode switch issue this week.

I haven’t tried the built-in HomeKit integration yet, but I don’t think it offers mode switches the way that Anthony’s Homebridge plugin does.

Yes it does. That is why I asked if built-in HomeKit was also installed.

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Ah yes, I’m thinking of HSM status, which is only available in the Homebridge integration (last time I checked). Thanks for clarifying.