Hubitat safety monitor

So I setup the Safety monitor as below and put the house into night mode then opened the garage and nothing happened. no alarm, no txt, no lights turning on nothing. the Log shows the garage door sensor opening and closing.

That’s not good! Will investigate…

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Thank you sir. I have about 64 devices migrated and other than that it is going very well.

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Bug identified and corrected in HSM. This will be out in next release.

In the meantime, you could do a work-around using Rule Machine to accomplish the same arming task.

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@bravenel Not sure if this is the same issue mentioned above but I armed the system and opened a contact sensor.

Got the following
errorNo signature of method: hubitatSafetyMonitor.sendNotificationEvent() is applicable for argument types: (org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.GStringImpl) values: [Intrusion detected on Patio Door - Garden Contact] on line null

Also…is it possible to add locks to the list of options to monitor?

Ah, yes, NotificationEvents are not supported. My bad for leaving that code in there.

Will look into adding locks.

Is there a reason they are not supported?
It seems like a strange feature to omit. I would think that’s the most important way to get a “Saftey” alert …the only one currently for when you are not at home.

sendNotificationEvents is a feature of ST that puts a message in the mobile app Notifications section. We don’t have a mobile app yet.

You can use SMS in the interim until we bring out our mobile app.

What I set up in Safety Monitor was an sms…not mobile app push.

Hmmm. You’d have to show me a screen shot of the app configuration.

So I guess “send notification” needs to be off. A bit counter intuitive but understood. I will test in the morning.

I just tested it and both SMS and light alert are working as long as your have send Notification to OFF as picture above. No light or SMS with send Notification ON.

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Another bug. having “Delay intrusion alerts by this many seconds” is not working. Putting in a time will cause SMS and Light alert not to work.

We will investigate promptly.

another bug. I have a delay of 45 seconds on arming to give the garage door time to close. It worked and I got my txt alert but when I change the mode back to home it delays disarming too


Yep, found that one. Will be corrected.

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Just an update on firmware 698. My Hubitat safety monitor setting is gone after the update. When clicking on apps/Hubitat safety Monitor. I see this screen below with no selection.

When click on apps/Hubitat safety Monitor little blue circle with exclamation mark. I can see the setting.