Hubitat Safety Monitor Questions


Hello All,

Is there a way to differentiate between Smoke and CO alerts in HSM, the device in question is a First Alert z-wave smoke/co detector.

Also, considering SMS is going-away, is it possible to add an app message to a device (i.e. Pixel 3)?

Thank You


Not at present, no.

There is going to be an update to the Custom Rule section of HSM to allow both Smoke and CO detectors in a Custom HSM rule. With this change, you would be able to do Smoke in the main part of HSM, and CO in a Custom rule, and thus differentiate between the two, and have separate alerts indicating which set it off.


The iPhone app can do push notifications, I’m sure the android app can too?


You can not specify the phones as alert devices in HSM that I saw.

Thank You


OK thank you, the combined Smoke/CO devices definitely need this, if you need testing help tell me.

Thanks Again


The phones are notification devices. For text alerts in HSM you select a notification device, and your phone with our mobile app installed will be one of the choices.


Oh I see sorry about that, when I saw "text alerts" I did not assume app alerts were included.

Thank You


Text alerts can be sent via the mobile app, pushover, or sms.

HSM can also send spoken alerts too, if you have TTS devices.


No, SMS has been retired.


Right my bad. Twilio, not sms directly anymore, correct? My point was text does not equal sms.


The new release adds this feature for HSM Custom Rules. So you can be separately notified for CO vs Smoke.


Very nice, this will make HSM very powerful....maybe too powerful....... :slight_smile: