Hubitat Rule stops after Delay Command

When ever I create a Rule and use a delay between actions, the actions after the delay are not executed. The Rule stops after the delay.
For example, even when I create a simple rule such as,
Turn on Light 1
Delay 5 seconds
Turn on Light 2

Light 1 will come on. However, Light 2 will not turn on. When I look at the logs the rule just stops after the delay. If I remove the delay, then both lights will turn on.

Please help. I have been using delays in my rules without issue for years. During the past month or so delays stop my rules.

I am using a C8 hub with the latest Firmware.


It would be helpful to see a screenshot of the rule's entire build.

Turn on logging for the rule and capture the logs too to share here. The build and logging screenshots will hopefully have helpful clues for folks here to diagnose.

I created a super simple Rule in order to demonstrate. I have attached the image of the actions and the logs.

Is all logging turned on for the rule (Events, Triggers, and Actions)?

Can you please show a full screenshot of the saved rule build that includes the Reqd Experession (if applicable), Triggers, Conditions, and Actions sections?

Did you hit the "Update Rule" and "Done" buttons to fully save the rule build?

I recreated your rule and it works fine for me. Can you change the Delay for a Wait and see if it works?

Is this the only app/rule where you are having problems? (It certainly should work...)

And in any case: any errors in Logs (or likely Past Logs at this point) that would indicate something about a stuck/hung job in the scheduler? You'd need to know which app or device (and it's probably not this one), but it could be fixed if that's the case. Something like this:


Nice - thanks for finding that post, Robert -- I had that one rattling around in my head, but I couldn't manage to find it.

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Yes I did hit the update rule.

I have the same issue with any rule that I use a Delay.

This particular rule is a simple rule I just created to highlight the problem in a simple way.

I have stopped all other rules and tried to run this rule on it's own however it still stops after the delay. Not sure how to check if something is stuck in a scheduler?

Same problem if I use Wait. Once it get to the Wait command the rule stops and does not process any further actions.

I have seen hubs bogged down with LAN/Cloud integrations that had offline devices with similar symptoms, anything with a delay would never run. It usually would be evident by errors in the logs from failed connection attempts.

You will need to review your logs/past logs as I suggested above.

The fact that this is happening with every app strongly suggests this kind of problem. The key is figuring out which app or driver so you can delete the job.

This sounds to me like your system clock / scheduler is messed up. I will investigate what steps might fix that. Check on the Settings / Hub Details page that your location, zip code, time zone and clock are set properly.