Hubitat reviews locked on amazon?

I was going to write a 5 star review of the hubitat hub on amazon but:

Sorry, you are not eligible to review this product. For more information, please reference our [Community Guidelines].

Hmm... did I buy this directly from Hubitat? I really wish reviews were allowed.

Hey Bill, Thanks for that.

Post the review here, and we'll get someone to post it on Amazon for you!

Strange, I just did a review with no issue?

I think I might not have bought my hubitat from amazon.

I did not buy it from Amazon either. I am a prime member though.

Me too. Prime member that is. Weird. I'm allowed to review other products, just not this one.

Did my review as well. I did purchase in on amazon. Maybe they asked it to be locked to verified purchasers only, so they cannot be spammed by the other hubs faithful :slight_smile:

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I posted a review yesterday and I bought my hub directly from HE.

Great. I'm probably on some secret no-fly list now too!


Maybe it's Amazon's way of saying you aren't buying enough stuff. Buy an echo and tell it to post the review.


Just posted my review without any issues.

Lucky guys, I was planning to leave a 1 star review and I got this:

I'm kidding, 5 star for sure. I'm prime member with multiple reviews.


Posting reviews from or for other people is a Amazon violation..... Please read their guidelines. Help: Profile & Community Guidelines

Don't impersonate other people or organizations or pretend to be someone or something you're not.

I was able to post a review on no problem I bought direct from Hubitat and a prime member also.

Tongue in cheek my friend. Tongue in cheek.

I just left a 1 star review. " After a wide internet search I finally found a phone number 480-256-8087. When you call you get an answering machine that says don't leave a message we don't check them. So I did an address search. Found this 20343 North Hayden Road Suite 105, Scottsdale, Arizona. It is for a company called PostNet. They have a phone number of (480) 419-2599. When you call that number it immediately hangs up on you. I'm 65 but very tech savvy. I used to design satellite earth stations. I don't want to search through endless fourm posts. I don't want to play 20 questions via email. I want to speak to someone. This is a typical startup driven by engineers. They haven't a clue how to handle customer service. Shame because the product shows real promise."

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So instead of asking a question here, you posted a nasty review on Amazon AND left a nasty note here.

It seems like you created more work than just asking your question in the first place. And you didn't even get your question answered.


Again no customer service. Instead of thaking care of your customer and helping me you would rather chastise me.

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I can relate. Unfortunately the days of companies like Sears are behind us for now.
Self serve instead of customer service is the new norm.

But, we love questions here on the forum so feel free to make us happy!


I am just a user like you are. I have no affiliation with Hubitat other than being a long time user.

Again, why not post your question? We still don't know what your issue is that you need help with.

Yep, no matter what or where from banks to stores to car manufacturers. You are lucky to get a chatbot nowadays. Worse yet you get the dreaded phone tree to nowhere. The forums here are much better than those silly things, you can actually discuss things in detail here with peer users and the developers.