Hubitat playing up

My Hubitat has not been behaving very well for last couple of weeks. One day it just stopped working properly and I don't remember changing anything. Now all the lights either don't turn on or randomly turn on and then only sometimes turn off. Also, the modes sometimes do not change as per schedule.

I don't know where to look and how to troubleshoot so I will appreciate if I can get some assistance.

P.S - I did migrate my rules from Mode Lighting to Room Lighting about a week before it broke but it was working fine in the meantime.

Errors in the logs?

Anything in Device Stats or App stats that stands out (consuming lots of processor time)?

Sorry for the novel BTW....

Probably worth prioritising what you want to look at first (can you tell I just finished work :slight_smile: ). So pick one or a couple of automations / things that aren't working and focus on those. This will help you to provide us with some more targeted information about exactly what is or is not happening as you expect, and for us to provide more concise help (than what I have outlined below).

For this reason I won't go into too much detail (well looking back I kind of have, but it can be more targeted once we know what we are dealing with :slight_smile: ):

  • Note down here in some more detail what you expect to happen in the automation(s) you are trying to troubleshoot. Screenshots and an explanation of what it is meant to be doing are always helpful, the explanation can help people spot any issues with the way an automation may have been implemented, for example. Sometimes the device models and drivers being used may also be useful to know, and maybe the HE platform version you are running.
  • Like @neonturbo mentioned, do a general check of the Past Logs as they stand now to see if anything sticks out like errors or warnings.
  • After a general check of the logs, if you have an automation like an Rule Machine rule or Room Lighting rule (plus other built-in or custom Apps), try turning on the logging options for the rule, which will typically log when relevant Events and Actions occur, plus often some additional logs indicating why actions may have been skipped over due to settings configured in the rule like those to stop activation of lighting under certain conditions. These logs can be seen in the Logs page of the HE web UI
  • Again as @neonturbo pointed out, if you believe you are experiencing performance issues, such as timeliness of rules running or being fired, the statistics available from the Logs page may also be useful. If, however things are just not firing at all, this may not be something worth spending time on just yet, but keep it in mind if nothing else.
  • Along with the logs above, another useful place to look at when troubleshooting an automation can be looking at the devices involved, to see whether they are working as expected by the automation. The last Activity At in the table at the bottom of the Device Details page can be a quick indicator for things not happening in recent times, but the more relevant area to look will likely be the Events page, accessible from a button at the top of the page. You can see events like motion activation and de-activation plus the apps that are triggered as a result (a nice recent addition to this page).
  • You may also want to a quick health check of sorts for some of the devices involved, making sure you are seeing Events (see above), are the Current States updating as you would expect when Events occur, if you manually cause an Event (triggering a motion sensor for example), do you see that reflected in a timely manner on the Device details page under Current States, etc. Also do this for the devices you are trying to adjust in the automation, like lights, do they turn on when controlled from the commands at the top of the Device Details page for the light.

I did think the other day about creating a wiki for stuff like this, not that there are not great resources elsewhere, I just wanted to capture my own notes to point to in responses like this.... Perhaps I have the starting point now :slight_smile:

Hope this helps...


@Smartsmartsmart Can you also please post your z-wave details page?

Have you had any power outages prior? Regardless you may need to do a soft reset to clean up a corrupted database.

Here is a screenshot of both. Not sure what is unusually high.

Thanks for the very detailed troubleshooting guide. I have picked an easy automation where the door sensor turns a light on/off. See the logs below.

The downlight turns on most of the time when the door opens but does not turn off when door closes as shown below.


Not sure where to go next to troubleshoot.

That will be good to have. Never had any such issue in last couple of years but will be handy for others as well.

Couldn't locate them. Where will I find these?
Its not just the devices though. The modes are also not changing sometimes as scheduled.

Don't think so. I did have a power outage last week but the issue was already there while it happened.

If nothing else works, I may have to do it.

Settings>Z-Wave Details

It's easy to do... Won't hurt, might help, maintains all of your current setup.

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Thanks for the info @Smartsmartsmart . As well as the device logs I would suggest turning on logging for the automation as well and seeing what comes out from that. What App are you using the implement the automation? Room Lighting? Rule Machine? etc...

from a browser go to yourhubip>>settings>z-wave details

Use windows snip and post the whole page.

I would first start with the soft reset.

1: yourhubip>>settings>>backup and restore.

2: click create and download (this will download a clean corruption free copy of your DB to your pc)

3: go to yourhubip:8081 and click soft reset (you will need your mac address which is on the bottom of the hub)

4: on reboot it will ask you to restore. Use the file that downloaded from step 1

Boom you're done.

Here are the Z-wave details screenshot

FYI - Only wall switches are z wave, rest of my devices are ZigBee

Doesn't look too shabby. I would click the firmware update button at the top of the page so that your z-wave stack gets updated. I'd also re pair the aeon and the fibaro so they aren't using s0...

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I just completed a soft reset and restore. Will test it for a couple of days and report here.

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I have now turned on the logs for a couple of automations. I am using mix of RL, RM and Basic Rules.

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Hopefully these will provide more information as to what is happening in each automation.... Posting the results of these logs will hopefully help us identify what is happening as well.....

The soft reset fixed the issue, however, only for a couple of weeks and the issue occurred again and the things were misbehaving very similar to last time. I have done another soft reset today so will see how it goes.
If it keeps happening, does it point to a hardware issue?

What are your logs and event logs saying around the time of the crash?

When it crashes can you get to yourhubip:8081 ?


Other things came up so got busy and haven't had time to troubleshoot this. Back now to resolve it so here are the logs for one of the door sensor which should turn on/off the downlight. It turns on the light when the door opens but doesn't turn it off when the door closes.

dev:2682023-12-28 02:13:03.696 PMinfobuttonDown(button=1)

dev:2682023-12-28 02:13:03.689 PMinfosendOpenCloseEvent(openClose=false) invertContact=false

dev:2682023-12-28 02:13:03.687 PMinfomsgMap: [raw:B8CD0100060800001000, dni:B8CD, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:08, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:0A, value:00, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0, valueParsed:false]

dev:2682023-12-28 02:12:59.999 PMinfobuttonPushed(button=1)

dev:2682023-12-28 02:12:59.991 PMinfosendOpenCloseEvent(openClose=true) invertContact=false

dev:2682023-12-28 02:12:59.989 PMinfomsgMap: [raw:B8CD0100060800001001, dni:B8CD, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:08, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:0A, value:01, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0, valueParsed:true]

dev:2682023-12-28 02:10:49.614 PMinfobuttonDown(button=1)

dev:2682023-12-28 02:10:49.607 PMinfosendOpenCloseEvent(openClose=false) invertContact=false

dev:2682023-12-28 02:10:49.604 PMinfomsgMap: [raw:B8CD0100060800001000, dni:B8CD, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:08, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:0A, value:00, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0, valueParsed:false]

dev:2682023-12-28 02:10:46.066 PMinfobuttonPushed(button=1)

dev:2682023-12-28 02:10:46.060 PMinfosendOpenCloseEvent(openClose=true) invertContact=false

dev:2682023-12-28 02:10:46.057 PMinfomsgMap: [raw:B8CD0100060800001001, dni:B8CD, endpoint:01, cluster:0006, size:08, attrId:0000, encoding:10, command:0A, value:01, clusterInt:6, attrInt:0, valueParsed:true]

app:1422023-12-28 02:13:00.069 PMinfoWIL Downlight Turn On

app:1422023-12-28 02:10:46.158 PMinfoWIL Downlight Turn On

Edit: Here is the screenshot of the rule.

It doesn't crash as such but behaves weird as some rules don't work and others seem to be delayed. I just did a backup and restore and it didn't fix it but the first time it did.


Did you ever check the amount of free memory that you have on the hub?
I use (from HPM) the Hub Information driver to set up a device called "Hub Information".
One of the things that it displays is the amount of free memory.
Can you check that ? Perhaps you are running low. Also, it displays a lot of other diagnostic info that could be helpful in determining what is going on.