Hubitat paswword

My password on did not work this morning. I had to do a forgot password thing to get in. I use a vault for my passwords so I know I was using the correct one. Do they require reset every year or something?

No, But remember your community password is different than your hub account password

Never seen them expire, when was last time you were out there?

I go there every work day as my company has a vpn I need to be on, so I logon to it most days to get to my hub. It worked prior to 12/24 when I went on PTO. My password to this site is still fine.

Let’s see what the @support_team has to say on this one.


Does vault input the email address field too? Most often users are not aware that email address field is case sensitive (only lower case letters) and some browsers force first letter as capital letter resulting in failed attempt to log in.


That generally is not the case. The only log in that is different is the hub security login for the web interface (if enabled).


It does store the email also, and it is correct. It is fine now, just wondering why it would not take my password all of a sudden.

Not sure, is not common and there is no special setting to reset the password automatically/periodically.